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I was wondering if you were going to add 'Animal Crossing Rabbit' to your library anytime soon? Gaston is my favorite, and I would love to make a print of him ^^

Hi! I was wondering if your prints are Creative Commons?

Your animal crossing characters are fantastic. By any chance have you tried making Beardo? He is my wife’s favorite on animal crossing but I can’t seem to find him anywhere and I have no idea how people create these designs. Thank you for your time.

Hello, I had a question about the tiny sif design. It seems no matter what i do, halfway up the legs the front left leg keeps breaking free of the raft ruining the print. Any hints or tips to stop this from happening?? Thanks!

Thanks for the question! I've had two 3d printers and one is way better at keeping the prints "adhered" to the baseplate or rafts than the other. When using the other, if I just cannot not figure out how to keep it on... sometimes I hold a fiddly part steady with either my hand or a pair of tweezers until out of the danger zone.

Another option you have, if your slicer allows it, it adding extra supports to the legs to keep it from breaking off. Imagine using a 2x4 to brace a tree type of thing.

If you print Merengue, she's actually just the rhino base and you can paint it to look like any of the rhinos including Hornsby :)

I love your models! Any chance you're going to make a Hornsby soon?

Do you have plans on making Apollo or any of the eagles? trying to make a custom amiibo for my girlfriend.

hii!! i love your creaft thank you for share them

hey! hope you get this. I'm looking for the unposed raymond base model you mentioned (hallow?). I googled but can't find anything. If you could link me that would be amazing. thanks!