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Thank you for downloading my design🤘

Remember there are many other designs to combine with 😎

Have fun 🤜🤛

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Bonjour Le fichier est vide merci de me donner le fichier

l'erreur a déjà été corrigée désolé pour le dérangement

ducou ou récupérer le fichier

I purchased the Kirby model STL file and it appears the parts to print the feet are missing from the download

Excuse me, the error is already solved, sorry for the delay in solving it due to certain problems with the page, certain options were restricted and due to that, changes could not be made to files already uploaded

si vuelve a descargarlo este ya estara con todas las piezas

hello I would like to buy you a personalized painting I looked everywhere I came across your account and I love it I would really like a personalized painting I am ready to pay

Hello, I'm glad to know, but if you could tell me who or what it would be and if you could give me an image to use as a guide when doing it, it would make my job easier and the price would depend on the complexity, regards

how can i send you the pictures

sorry for the delay in reply, i'm working

don't worry about the delay right now I can't but tomorrow I'll tell you where you could send me the photo and where we can communicate better, greetings and good day

Hello again this is my email you can pass me that photo here and continue with everything here sergio.jr.f1@gmal.com

OK, I'll send it to you from my email. Sora74@outlook.fr

hello ?

Hello, I'm still waiting for you to send me the photo so I can turn around

hello I already sent everything the last time on Tuesday October 12 with the email sora74@outlook.fr to the email sergio.jr.f1@gmal.com and I have been waiting for your response since

Hello, I have looked at it and it has not arrived, could you send it back to me or send it to this email: xumakito_2k5@hotmail.com, and so that there are no mistakes, put me on the page of cults that you sent it to me again

no problem I just sent back with my email sora74@outlook.fr to the email xumakito_2k5@hotmail.com

you received

Yes, it has arrived as soon as I tell you.

Yes, it has arrived as soon as I tell you.

i would like to make more of cyberpunk and also i will like cyberpunk edgerunners logo

it is normal that the images you sent me are not very beautiful and are a little blurry ?

I would already like to buy the 2 photos that you send me and I would also like the other photos that I sent you

If when sending the photo by email it loses a bit of resolution and as soon as the other images are transferred to 3d in frame format that could not be done

I would like to buy the 2 that you send me

ok the payment could be done by paypal as a friend and then I send you the files by mail or we can do it by cults but in this case it would be 5.62 instead of 4.5 because the page takes a part of the sale, when you tell me which of you both prefer I proceed with it greetings

by cults if you don't mind

It's already uploaded so you can buy it

it's good

if you need to download it sometimes enter from this link: https://cults3d.com/es/modelo-3d/variado/cyberpunck-kanekikun74-6be527546c1a49e2e41a