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You need to review your design again, because the stl file is 100% corrupt. There are many errors in the printout and spoil the entire printout. Do again do right!

Good morning. I've printed a couple of these with a .4 nozzle but was thinking of trying it with a .6 nozzle. Would this effect the mechanics of the crossbow? Thank you again for a fun design!

Hi, I never tried to print it with a 0.6 nozzle, but it should not be a problem if you activate Arachne.

bonjour, je souhaiterais savoir comment reduire la flèche à la meme echelle que l'arbalète qui ne tiens malheureusement pas sur mon plateau qui fait 20x20 ? je débute dans l'impression 3d donc je ne connais pas grand chose.


I've tried to print this with the suggested settings and others...I've redownloaded...used different slicers...I always get a massive layer shift at the exact same spot. I just finished a 17hr print that was flawless....Is the STL doing this for anyone else?

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Hello. I wanted to purchase your batman crossbow design but was wondering if it would possible to get an arrow with a rounded tip or no tip? I wanted to attach, or attempt to attach, a foam tip so not to hurt anyone. If it's not possible not I understand. Thanks in advance for a cool design!

Let me rephrase that a little bit... I am going to buy the crossbow not I want to. I am going to and just was wondering the an arrow existed without the tip and just an extended "stick"? so I could attempt to attach an foam dart at the end

Sure, added an arrow with no tip and extended it a bit. (file name "Arrow for Foam")

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You are awesome! Fixing to purchase this today!!!!! Thank you thank you

when i remove supports it looks like this . scaled to 85% because anycubic no longer fits on it


Firstly, this Print is not meant to be scaled down, but if you have a good tuned printer it could still work.
You have major problems with your "first layer" on one end you got large gaps where none should be, on the other side there are none where 0,8-1 mm gaps should be.

Pls remove the support as seen on the picture.

Try to put up print temperature to increase layer adhesion.

Put the "wall line count up to 5 or 6"

After printing and removing supports, check the trigger mechanism, it should go clearly up as seen on the picture.

is the batman crossbow can also send photos only here I do not know how

Pictures would be helpful. You can upload them here https://imgbb.com/ and post the link

could you help me please bought your file but it doesn't work what am i doing wrong have printed 3x now and none snaps in the back.


My son has the Entina....we are unable to transfer this design to his TF sim card....Can you assist with this?

i assume that you are talking about the Batman Crossbow. If yes, the Entina build volume is way too small for this print.

hola! adquiri tu tarjeta para regalo de gift card pero no me queda claro como hacer lo del cambio de color para el corazon

Hi, just print the first 2 layers in which color you want that heart, then pause the print and change filament to a different color.

Hi,i'm from a country wich does'nt allow to buy anything from the net. If you can send me the file of knife batman batarang ,thank you very much.
I like gadgets you have made,You do a good work.

hey :)
Avez vous un patreon ou une licence a acheter pour quon puisse vendre legalement les impressions a partir de vos fichier stl ?

not yet sry

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Hi, do you allow sale of your items? Specifically asking about the batman crossbow

Sry my 3D models are at the moment only for private use.


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