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Hello Roxen, hope you are ok! I´ve sent you some messages from my email ruthyguadalupe@gmail.com, bothering you about separate some designs that i bought here on cults from you, please let me know.


Please check your email. Have send you messages , Thanks

hey you have nursing cutters ?

i don't think so

Hola, tenés los números del 0 a 9 en el juego de galletas de dinosaurios ?

Hola, tenés los números del 0 a 9 en el juego de galletas de dinosaurios ?

only 1-5

do you have encanto cutters ?

no i don't have

Hello my friend, what program do you use to make these cookie cutters? thank you

this is not public information :)

Hello, can i sell your cutters on FB group with cookies? Just prints, not STL. I have not e-shop. Just i want sell it on facebook. thank you for answer. Lukas :)

Hello, there is a commercial wholesale model package for this. if you buy models on the site, you cannot use them for commercial purposes. This follows from the distribution license

Hello, just purchased the lock and key stl, is there any way to receive the file smaller than 25 MB?

Hello, this is an old set, we used a different creation technology there, unfortunately this cannot be changed now

Hello, i'm looking for a disney princess set, but that it have at least 6 cutters

pd: sorry about my english

What is the problem?

I wonder if you can add the little mermaid and elsa from frozen to this set https://cults3d.com/es/modelo-3d/casa/disney-princess-cookie-cutter-set-of-4

I really need it to for this week please :)

in what sense to add? this is a formed set of 4 pieces, it does not suggest anything else, I do not quite understand you

i mean i would like to get that set with two more princesses which are the little mermaid and elsa

what is the difference between not divided and separated files. I am printing the stamp version of lucy now. Looks pretty good so far. Next time you should name the files what the characters are. It makes it easier to find the one you want. Thanks

We make all new files separate, this makes printing easier.

que medidas tienen los cortadores marcadores de toy story

hello, I bought your files of "GABBYS DOLLHOUSE COOKIE CUTTER SET OF 9" these have errors to print, could you repair the files please? and send them repaired. Thank you in advance.

what exactly is the error?

Man, your work is awesome. Congratulations!

hola buen dia, tienes archivos de los deformitos?

hi roxen
have you got a star trek set if so can you send me link
many thanks

I think i don't have

Hello, I am interested in several cookie cutters. Do you do bundle deals at all ?

Yes, sure

Sesame Street Muppet cookie cutter set of 5 Question

is the cookie cutter and impression separate ? or are they attached as a one cutter? what are the sizes for big bird, elmo, cookie monster?

we make all new sets separate

I ran into a recent bug. Cookie picker isn't good because the walls are too thin. That's why I can't use it and so it's not good.

Hello, what exactly are you talking about? we make a standard line thickness of 1 mm and do not get a complaint that it does not work, everything is fine. what set are you talking about?

Sooby doo cutter
It is not good because it should not lock the bottom because it does not perform its function properly sticking to the dough.

In any case, I want to ask you to take the side off your back. And thicken the walls because they are as thin as paper. Because this shape does not have the function it should.

Would love a set of Doggy Valentine and Doggy Easter Cookie Cutters like the Doggy Halloween ones. They are my favorite.

hi i wanted to know if you have baby shark cookie cutter

You use to have a set of 9 super hero cookie cutters. Are you going to be selling those again? I have been looking for them. Love your cookie cutters. Jill

Hi, this set is no longer available.

do you do birthday cookie cutters? for example some of your bluey cookie cutters with the number 3 added to them.

Will you make a design for Valentine's Day?

yes sure