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Hello. I recently acquired an Ender 2 and was looking to upgrade the control box because I need an angled view of the LCD screen. I found your design and it looks exactly like what I want to use. Is there a way I could get the .step files for it as I would like to edit the case to hold a Raspberry Pi 4 and I would like to use a slightly different LCD screen. The description on this site says you added the f3d and step files but they were not in the zip folder when I downloaded it. Thanks!

Ok no problem at all, just thought I would ask :)

sorry my files are not for commercial use , I just wanted to share some for private use with the others, as a designer and maker these kind of files are part of my job and income.

Hello, I’m a prop maker looking at selling some painted and detailed props. I was wondering if I had your permission to use your 3D plans

can you share the STEP file for your cr10 direct drive mount? I would like to try to fit it to my bmg and mosquito.

I should say the files for CR10 DIRECT HEAVY DUTY MOD, TITAN + V5HEATSINK+VOLCANO/ OR / V6HEATSINK + PANCAKE MOTOR BETA as I see you have a lot of models!

Hi, I would like to convert my CR10V2 to direct drive with a V6 volcano and Bondtech (clone). Is it possible you could share the Fusion files for this I would like to modify it to allow mounting via the hotend, I believe mounting by holding the extruder allows movement at the nozzle since it is not 100% fit and the nozzle is quite some distance from the extruder so and small movements are amplified. If you wish to collabotate in Fusion or if there is a group set-up to develop this I would be interested thanks.