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hey! i love your 3d city's is there any way you can do like downtown Miami / Miami beach please!

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hello I have seen the wonderful cities you created.
You could have one of the city of Madrid.

For example "puerta de Alcala", "Puerta del Sol". Gran Via street. etc.

Thank you

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Yes i can,please write me email on mithreed@gmail.com

and what its a print time from that?

Hello, If you want to sell my models, please contact me by email on mithreed@gmail.com

We can discuss % amount of from sell.

can you make one of my city.
Breda in the nederlands. and then the big church in the middle?

Hello do you have a Los Angeles model available ? 9x9inches ??

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Yes, I can sent it to you, write me mithreed@gmail.com

Or I can upload it here on cults3d

kindly make a gta vicecity map 3s model

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Maybe, next month 🙂

Can i sell 3d prints at a local consignment store? just the prints no stls

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Hello, If you want to sell my models, please contact me by email on mithreed@gmail.com

good morning,
your miniature cities are beautiful.
I wanted to ask you how do you make them? What program? What procedure do you use to extrapolate the city?

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It is know-how, I learned it at high school of 3D construction

how can i learn this skill too? what is the name of the technique you used?

Hi, my family is from Italy and it holds a special place in my heart, as a gift to my papa, do you think i could commission a miniature of Venice or Florence, Thank you!!!

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Please write me email on mithreed@gmail.com

I can do the model for you

hi. i bought your burj khalifa design and i can't print tiny tip of burj khalifa. which settings shoul i use?

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Please write me email on mithreed@gmail.com . Then I will write on your email my settings, and we cand find soulution of printing :)

hi can you mapping kuala lumpur building city?

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Hello, which part of city do you want??
Please write me email on mithreed@gmail.com

Hello. I purchased your model. Want to print. Can you please which material you are using? Thank you

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I used here PLA

Bonjour, j'ai téléchargé le Machu Picchu, mais je ne comprends pas comment l'imprimer car je ne peux pas placer de support à l'intérieur et on ne peut imprimer dans le vide.
ou alors il faut imprimer avec au moins 80% de remplissage, mais cela prend 3 jours.

J'utilise une Alfawise U10 et Prusa Slicer, merci de votre réponse, et bravo pour vos créations.

Questions subsidiaire, à tout hasard, je cherche aussi quelque chose sur le centre de Lyon mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé ça nulle part...
Bien cordialement.

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Hello, contact me in english on this mail: mithreed@gmail.com

I will support you.


Sorry I don’t speak English, I translate with Reverso.

I downloaded the Machu Picchu, but I don’t understand how to print it because I can’t place any media inside and you can’t print in a vacuum.

or you have to print with a good amount of filling, but how much?

I use an Alfawise U10 and Prusa Slicer, thank you for your answer, and congratulations for your creations.


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Please sent me your email, we can fix it.

Hi, I purchased your honeycomb sheet but which configuration do I modify to make the height of the sheet taller? I'm using creality slicer for my ender 3.0 pro and would appreciate your help. Thank you

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Hello, contact me on this mail: mithreed@gmail.com

I will support you.

hi could you show me how you make the cities 3d models ill pay you good

Are you able to create a model of Norwich in the uk, with the castle or cathedral in the centre?

Hello, you can write me to: mithreed@gmail.com

Hi, i'm interested in making a land scape/skyscrapers of some citys of my country. Are you interested in making this work? How can we discuss this subject in private in order to set a price for your work? thank you

Hello, you can write me to: mithreed@gmail.com

Hi mithreed,
Can you share your print settings ? What is your nozzle size?


I use PLA filament, and nozzle size is 0,4 mm
I have Prusa MK3S.

can you do a miniature of Frankfurt, Germany? The inner city with the skyscrapers.

can you tell me, how do you creat this?
I am Interesting in create something similar for one city of my country,

This is awesome. Do you have any tutorial on how make one. i like to have one for San Francisco. Thank you very much.