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Hey Master Printer,
Is it possible to customize the names of the models

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Yes, I can make any kind of combination! send me an Email at mrpr3d@gmail.com

do you have any other setings? for printing at 50%? I've only got two out of 25 to print fully but need to glue them together cause they broke off while pulling off supports.

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Hello, which model are you printing?

A lot of times the print outcome depends on the orientation, and support settings. Use support roof and floor, and activate Z-hop in slicer settings for best results. Also play around with support density.

What helped me in most cases, when I have trouble printing a specific model is the filament itself, some filaments can be more fragile than other, so changing filaments can also help.

Also, try setting the wall line count, from 2 put 4, that will make the model more stiff.


Do you have the “ TEXT FLIP: KEY HANGER | AUDI |” print also in Volvo? Of not, dit it come in the future?

Best regeards,

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Hi Marcel, still no, but I can make a custom combination. Send me an Email and I will send you some preview files.

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Yes, sending it to your Email.


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What scale for the size is the normal size?

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Depending on the complexity of the model, I print between 90cm and 130cm minimum in length.

Hello your designs are amazing! I want to know how you do it, where I can learn to design flip texts, do you give courses or something? Thanks you

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Hello Azaid, thank you very much!
I can give you a full tutorial, leave your Email and I will send you the details.

Email sent. Check your spam folder as well

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

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Hi Rolfrjs, it is possible to obtain a seller's license on my Patreon page: patreon.com/textflip

or Email me for more details - mrpr3d@gmail.com

Merry Christmas to you too!


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Hello good morning and happy holidays.
I tried to make my own design and it came out fatal. Could you give me advice on the type of fonts to use?
I tried to make one with the word "TATTOO" with the vector of a coil tattoo machine, the old ones. Thank you

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Hi, I can give you some guidance, what's your Email?

Thank you very much!

Sent. If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Hey-O you don't happen to have a pig STL would you??

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haha no, but I can make one. Drop me your Email

I can not open it to save it. I can view it, but not save it.

Hm, strange. I will check the file. In the meantime, send me your Email and I will send you the file there.

Hello, can you also make Korean and Filipino text flip numbers? And also i saw the patreon, you're not teaching how to make textflip anymore? :( i want to learn :(

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Hello, can you send me your Email? we can arrange something ;)

Hi. The Norwegian text flip numbers are actually Swedish.

Hm, I thought google set me in the right direction, it was a mistake then :D

No worries, just thought you should know. Norwegian 1-10 numbers are: En, To, Tre, Fire, Fem, Seks, Syv, Åtte, Ni, Ti

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thanks for the info. Will probably change and add the new ones!

Hi! Would you recommend tree supports? Or could you offer advice on supports? I'm looking at the Cat flip and I'm thinking only tree supports would work.

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Sometimes I use tree supports. But most of the time it is line pattern, i set the density to 5-10, angled at a 55 degrees. Best results is to position the model so the letters are readable from a birds-eye view, in this case, I printed it flat on the printed. And make it as big as possible for best results!

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That's great thanks. The letters were facing front which might explain the issues I was seeing. Love these designs. Am I able to sell these prints? This one is for a gift but I love them as possible store sales.

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In order to legally sell my models you must obtain a license through my Patreon account. There are loads of other benefits, so check it out! The link is on my profile.

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Hi! Am I able to sell the finished product with proper attribution to you? Thanks!

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Yes, you can sell the 3d physical models, not the files! Thanks!

awesome! Ty!

hello, nice project ... but I am french so could you do it in french : dog = chien ???? thanks

Hi, check out my Patreon for custom Text Flip designs, or send me an Email!

You can sell the printed model, not the file!

I love your animal designs, I haven't printed any yet (but I will), they are absolutely amazing!

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Thank you!

Follow the page since I am posting new models every week! - https://cults3d.com/en/design-collections

Your print offers are UNIQUE. I have not seen much like this anywhere. I hope you keep up with these great things.

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Thank you so much!
The plan is to do 500 models by the end of this year :)

Hi..thank you for these funny things you made..
please add the print settings and a photo for the best postion to slice

Hi, thanks for the heads-up. Will do that in the future :)

looking for print settings myself for the dragon

Infill 10%, position flat or straight up, use supports, print as big as possible for best results!

Love this item. keep releasing more amazing products

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not complete, i have spaces between the letters, they are easily readable
make don. from half my sales ?

Hi, I am glad you like my models, but this model is a complete copy, so it is not okay to publish and put a price tag on it. If it was free I wouldn't mind. Please remove it.

Don't forget to like and follow us! Every week we will be posting new models for you print! Thanks!