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Where do you sell your prints? Or how do you want to use them commercialy?

Hi, my designs are licenced under the Creative Commons - non commercial license, therefore you are not allowed to use them commercially. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks so much.

Hello, I just wanted to tell you, that my origami pot model doesn't have a hole on the bottom. But because I made it for (lamp shade) and for cactus pot, It doesn't need it (and with a plate under it would look bad).

Hi! I also used an Ender 3 Pro to print the 787-10. The length of the fuselage will be 47,3 cm and the wingspan will be 42 cm.
The time it will take depends a lot on your print settings, it took me about 18 hours to print the complete model.

its all fine, no worry

It'll be up in the next few days , I've been really busy , sorry for any inconvenience

Hi thanks for your message, could you please make hols at the bottom of the diglett pot? so plant can breathe and water won't always stay inside.

Hello, thanks for the purchase !!

1.Yes sure, you can print and sell the physical model.

  1. Both stl are the same, we add two for a mesh theme, depending on the software will read the first or second stl.

Hi, I'm response to your message... A new version of the plant pot with be available tomorrow evening! It will have a deeper hole and I'll add another version with a drainage hole just for you! I'll message you when it's live, you should be able to download it for free

thank you so much

Hello, thanks for downloading my design! The plantar is meant to be scalable, which means you can adjust the scale to whatever size you need on your slicer software :)