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hello can you tell me which characters are for 1/64 scale cars diorama?? thanks Alex

Hi sorry no i dont but i am always open to people giving ideas of what they would like designed tbh i just make models as i feel like it then i add here so as to keep it as a hobby and keep it fun Thanks

Hello, do you take requests or payments to build a custom file?

Si.. Disculpe... Cometí un error... Gracias por el modelo.. Muchas felicidades.. Tiene excelentes modelos

Thanks for getting back to me and clearing things up Thanks

Hola.... Primero felicitarlo por sus excelentes diseños... Comentarle que esta última compra parece que hubo un error y pagué 2 veces... Por favor revíselo... Muchas gracias.. Saludos

Hi i checked my sales and it is only showing as one sale
can you please send me a screenshot or the dates it showing you as two please
thank you

we can sort this no problems my friend

Hi the race girl file has some errors on her cloth. There are lot of holes on the shirt and its thickness is very thin. I can't print her so can you fix it?


hi can you please tell me what printer you are using fdm or sla also your settings please

I am using sonic mini 4k resin printer. My printer is fine only the file has some issues. You can check the shirt under her arm, there are some holes on it.

i will recheck the file as soon as i get back from work , was it just the shirt with issues ? not worry i will always try to fix any issues and upload a v2 version thanks

Good Morning John,
as I can see you are a spectacular designer in 3D and also a modell builder. I want to ask you if you have a 3D modell of a german Navy Man? I want to redesign a existing modell, but it dont looks like good :-) I think, maybe im not useful in designing. I build at the Moment the german korvette "Erfurt" and I need some Crew for it. If you are interested in the build, you can have a look here:
I hope you can help me and I hear from you. Greetings from Germany

Hi at this time i dont have plans for any sailor models as i have quite a few backlog of models to complete but i will add to my list of people ask for


Hello, can you please tell me the scale from your race girl? thx much

hi sorry i didnt reply sooner the scale i made it use with 1:10 and 1:18 scale rc models so you can basically scale up and down to suit your needs

Hello, one question, what kind of scale is the race girl from you? thx much.

answer pleas at oe@um3o.de

hi sorry i didnt reply sooner the scale i made it use with 1:10 and 1:18 scale rc models so you can basically scale up and down to suit your needs

  1. i have had no reported issues
  2. you stole it pure and simple and was selling it
  3. if people report issues i fix them and unlike you dont exspect money for it 4.did you not read the licence ?