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Hi, I don't suppose you could make a version of your sitting dicks print with a pussy instead of a dick? I printed the dicks to use as game board pieces and it would be nice to have pussy versions for girls.


Is that a "yes"?

Hello, I wanted to know if I was able to purchase a sales license for your dick dino? I represent an up-and-coming sex worker/adult film model who is starting her own website with adult-themed items are for sale. On the site itself I would include credits and a link to your link for the item. If a license is possible or if some kind of royalties contract is possible please let me know. I'm new to 3d printing but I want to make sure creators are represented properly.

My models are for personal use only.

So these aren't supposed to be for sale on Etsy?

Models are for personal use only and not for resealing

That's not possible. I've printed a bunch of other pieces taller than that and have had 0 problems

You must pay attention that an STL file doesn't contain any Gcode so it cannot stop your printer, it is just a 3d model.
If it stop in the middle of your print there is for sure some problems from your printer

So I've tried the v10 model the v6 and the hollow version of this file and each time they do not finish the print. It stops at the top of the legs and says it is done. I have never had an issue with any of my print files until this one. Can you tell me why it would possibly do this?

This problem has nothing to do with the models, the STL file doesn't contain any GCode.
Some problems with the Height of your extruder maybe


I'm interested in a couple of your models so that I can turn them into candles to sell. Can we discuss permissions/licensing for this?

I'm interested in turning the following into candles:

I've already purchased the dicky monarch set before I realized that Cults3D didn't have commercial licensing built-in.

Looking forward to your reply,
Thank you


My models are for personal use only.

Hey! I am having difficulty with my slicer settings when inputting the details you provided. My weight of the print keeps coming up to around 62 grams but your details sheet says its supposed to be in the low 30's. Do you have a more detailed breakdown of the slicer settings that i could look at for reference?

Which model are you speaking about?

can you make a version of the classic without genitals hanging down?

Cant get the print to center on my printer? it's a cr10 it prints very top corner. Thanks

I need your help
There are 2 models that i would like to ask you to fix as a pres for bath bomb
-sexy woman bust and
pocket dildo a+b
can you

My models are for personal use only and Remix of them are not allowed.

would it be possible for you to create a version of this model (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/naughties/dick-coat-rack) without the hand around it. Essentially just the genitals?
Just that i want to print that and put it on my neighbour snowman! (Don't worry they have a sense of humor)

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Excellent, please let me know as soon as its up and i will purchase it

Was wondering if you've have managed to create the model i asked about?

You sir, are an artist

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Thank you so much dear friend 🙏

Hello good morning, this product can be printed and sold, thank you.

Just for personal use not for sale


Can you please make football player with that head like u do 😎 pleaaaseee

Ok 👌👍

Do you allow selling of 3D printed items of your designs?

Are you able to put some Dino arms on the Dino dick? lol

Maybe next version 🤗👍

Are the older versions of the dino dick still available to download somewhere. I prefer the older version that required the supports.

I will put it back

10 inch dildo

I've paid and downloaded all the versions. You are really good at manipulating the file into different versions. If you take requests, could you do a slimmer version. Less circumference? Either way, it's a great model.

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About which model do you speak ?

V8 has less diameter
You can scale all of models anyway 👌👍

I saw your dino-dick design on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4964871. I have reported it, and it appears to have been taken down for now, but I thought I'd warn you.

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Also found on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/755927212/dickasaurus-phallicadong-silly-gag-gift#report-overlay-trigger

Thank yo so much dear freind 🙏

hola amigx sos de argentina?

Hi 🤗👋

With your sun & Moon stl file; what is the difference between V1 & V2?? Thanks

Thanks for choosing my model.
The only difference is that V2 have a hole in back.

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Good Afternoon,

I would like to know what I would need to have your permission to make and sell this design.

Bobby B.

Looks like someone is selling these on Etsy heads up

thanks for info