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Hi for NORTHROP YF-23 BLACK WIDOW II 1:72 how do you make the canopy? I have questions about this? Some of my projects 3D printing is the future

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Hi, I made the canopy for the YF-23 with 3ds Max, or you want to contact me via instagram @heri_3d, regards.

Hello, how are you, I see that you removed all the boeing models, and I see that it is due to copyright, simply remove the word Boeing and matter fixed, I was looking for you because I bought your B727-200 model, do you think you can separate the side engines to be able to apply liveries well? Cheers!!

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Thank you for your concern, suggestions, but at the moment I still can't do it. Thank you also for purchasing the 727-200, I have also separated the engine from the fuselage, and the files are now uploaded on google drive and I need your email

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thank you !! I send you my email andresglass@live.com

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Why did you deteled some of your models like the 737-100 and the 737-400?

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You're right, I deactivated all the models with the Boeing name because I got a message on Cults about: DCMA takedown. Cults suggested changing all the names but I can't do that yet, sorry about this.

That is unfair, it isn't copyright, is just a model, for a moment I worried about you, sometimes social networks or web pages are a bit unfair, I have had 2 videos removed from youtube for very simple things.

Thank you for your concern. Cults said it was from Boeing, so that scared me, namely the two models that were getting a takedown, the 737-400 and the 727-100, so I decided to just disable them all at once.

My next sugesstion is a 1:500 scale Boeing 747 Classic (-100/-200), please.

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Thanks for the advice, I'll take note of that first.

Do you do commission work? If so what is the best way to talk details?

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Hi Rando,

Nice to meet you. Of course, I do commission work, you can contact me via instagram: heri_3d, or whatsapp: +6295641900635.


Hola, en que escala está el Cessna 172? No tienesd para imprimirlo hueco, para agregarle el interior? Gracias

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Hi, thanks for this suggestion, some I also accept this suggestion because I also agree with this, can't be done in the near future because I'm still making other models, but thanks again

HI, loving the panes. can you model a PA38 Tomahawk?

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Hi, I really want it, there are still some other unfinished models, but I will keep the name

Hi, friend!! Your models are very nice, I bought the A330-300, what size should I put for them to be 1/600? regards!! Let's hope you keep making more models!!

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Hi! Thanks for downloading the A330-300, please let me know if you have any suggestions or anything else. The model size is 1:500 and the usual for printing is 1:500, 1:400. I will make other models, you too. Regards, Heri.

Hello...i just saw your planes, you make very nice and clean 3d files....would you consider making a special plane for me (and for everybody else of course) i am also willing to pay you for the designing of it.

I am looking for following plane...the Siai S.211 Trainer Jet....i had the pleasure of flying on one last year, and it was the flight of my lifetime. A real fighter jet actually with a few air forces. i am looking tor any scale possible, but as large as possible (i have a creality CR10s pro 2, and a phrozen sonic mega 8k large scale resin printer)

many thanks for helping me out



Hi Heri!
I bought your Cessna, its amazing well done! But I am having printing trouble with twin parts in stl files (like 2 body in 1 stl file). Would you please send these parts alone? I have cad software (autodesk inventor) but couldnt revize stl bodies unfortunately. Relevant .stl numbers: 4, 8, 14, 15, 16, 17. I will also write you on instagram. Thank you

Hey there! I recently bought some of your planes such as the skyhawk and I can't print them, I have a Cr5 pro using creality slicer and every time I print some thing it comes out all broken, How could I fix this?

I'll try to help you, for example for Skyhawk, can't you print all the parts? If you want, how about we chat on Instagram or Whatsapp?

hi heri! pls can you reupload your yf 23 :c i simly can't not download and i wan to proof my first priter with them hehe :c

Hi Stumblingguitar, what if I emailed the files? My email: herisuprapto15@gmail.com.

Nice YF-23 I just downloaded.

What scale it's Aproximated? 1/48 ?

Thanks for downloading it, the scale of the model is 1:72

Hi thanks for downloading the model. You want me to make instructions with pictures plus an explanation of how to assemble them, is that so?

Hi, I purchased your cessna file a month or so ago. So far it's pretty good with the only issues being my printer needing tuned. However, a guide on how to put all the pieces together, even if just a picture with numbered parts and how they attach, would be awesome. I am not the best at this and i'm afraid I will end up gluing something on backwards lol. Great plane though. Thanks

Hi Cronosbga, you can contact me via message from Instagram or WhatsApp: +6285641900635

How can I contact you for business purposes?, I have a few models that I need to be designed, have you work designing on demand? thanks in advance!

Hi, I'm printing out your YF-23, is it possible for you to change the main canopy file so that the canopy and internal piese are separate? I want to print the canopies in clear, then sand and polish them so that they are clear. As the canopy is printed, it's not possible to sand and polish the inside of the canopy with the internal piece printed in place.

Also, I would have found it easier if the the files with copy parts were separate so that they can be placed more easily on the print bed or orientation changed.

Thank you, do you think, for Cessna, there are too many parts to assemble? I will choose the Boeing 727 but you have to wait patiently because there are still two planes that I want to post, the P-51D and then the YF-23, what do you think?

I really like your birds, very nice!
Have you ever thought about to make a Hawker Siddeley Trident or a Boeing 727?