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Hello. Could you possibly make your flip flop cookie cutter into a smaller size to be a polymer clay earring cutter? About 30mm long. Thank you!

Hello, of course, could you send me an email to hebert164@gmail.com with an image of how you would like it to be? qsi I publish it and you can see if you like the design, greetings.

Hi I bought a dad and baby cutter on my shoulders but instead I got another heart with dad and baby how can I do to get the correct one? thank you

Hello, how are you, in a moment I will verify and correct with the correct files, could you verify in 30min and download the files again?


How do in print the xutters so I can get the eyes and face details

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Hi, how are you? In order for them to print correctly, I recommend doing it with a 0.4mm nozzle and depending on your printer and the material you use (Pet-G 35-45mm / s) (PLA 45-60mm / s) if you can't print them correctly I would appreciate if you could send me your printing parameters and I adjust the model that fails you as you need it

HI, today I purchased your SET OF 11 FONDANT STAMPS because I loved all this designs. However after sending them to my 3D printer and printing them, I have now realised they they are not in reverse so when I use them on my fondant the words are back to front. Other embossing stamps I have purchased the wording is in reverse in the file, but yours weren't. I am using MakerBot and there doesn't seem to be anywhere that I can mirror the text. Would you please advise what I could do or if you are able to reverse the text for me on the stamps. Thanks in advance. Ellika

Hello how are you, first of all thank you very much for your purchase, to print them correctly, in your Slicer use the mirror option, in the case of Cura it is on the left side represented by 2 triangles

hola buenas noches,

Junto con saludar, quisiera consultar si este diseño de café de MOCCA lo tendrá con un corazón al medio, en vez de círculo???

quedo atenta a su respuesta. Gracias

Hello, I bought the Teen Titans cutters and the STL files do not work out. There is no structural support for the faces. The eyes, noses and mouths and details stick to the mat - only the outer outline works. Please send files that will cut the cookie as advertised, or else send a refund. Thank you!

Hola me puedes decir el tamaño de los cortadores de los reyes magos? Gracias

Hello there I just purchased this file but need STL instead of RAR - can you help me convert? Thank you!

Hi, I bougth the Model for "nacimiento" but instead of María is has MIguel from Coco! Can you help please? Thanks!

hi Roxen, I just sent you an email

Hi, thanks for your purchase. If you need to create a custom cookie cutter, please contact me

I also have a wholesale offer for you, which includes over 2600 cutter models on various topics. Cartoons, films, etc. At a very competitive price. Let me know if you are interested

hi there
i just paid for one of your downloads without realising it was a RAR file...i cant seem to print it from Creality Slicer.....any suggestions to help me with this toget what i paid for printed ?

muchas gracias, ya lo pudimos descargar

Danos unos minutos para resubirlo

buenas tardes.
compre el set de COOKIE CUTTER AND FONDANT SET MEXICO DOLLS, en las imagenes aparecen 2 figuras una muñequita y un mariachi, al descargar solo esta la muñequita..

I contact you by mail

Hi, if that I have already prepared the files for transfer. They are all uploaded to the cloud, added a couple more collections :)

Yes I'm interested on your offer I will do the transfer on Friday it's ok with you?

What do you say about this?

It is approximately 67 euros

There are currently about 700 models.
Yes, I meant 75 us dollars

You mean dollars or euros?

Now there are already about 700 of them. I can offer a price of, say, $ 75 for everything

Hi, im interested in your what you said, whats the price you can offer me?