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I bought this but after I unzip it to two different files and tried to load them into cura slicing cut it wont load tried other .stl files and they work. Please advise

Hm, this is the first time an issue with the file has been reported. Can you redownload it maybe? I personally use PrusaSlicer and haven’t had a problem. You could try a different slicer?

Hello, I am impressed by the quality of your achievements. I am ready to compensate you if you could adjust the design for the 7 "touch screen that I have in hand, and it is with a Raspi 3+ pi that I made an octoprint !! I included a SSD 2.5 "For large files because the SD card end up making mistakes when you write too often on it. The screen (TouchScreen Monitor, Eviciv 7 Inch) Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/eviciv-portable-monitor-display-1024x600/dp/b07l6wt77h?th=1), the SSD is connected with USB to Sata . Then I have another 17 "screen" which comes from a laptop and I will give you the info later if you wish.

Any tips for getting the blade in to the cardboard stripper? Perhaps the thermal expansion has made the slot too tight...I feel like there is a joke in here about someone saying something. hehehe

It should be snug but not need any adjustments to fit by sliding it in by hand. If the calibration of your printer is a little off or runs a bit small, you could try scaling up the model a few % to compensate.

Hi, I bought the airtag model and the locking does not fit between the two part. This is without the Airtag just trying to fit the two pieces together

Hey! The parts should fit without scaling or adjusting. Just make sure your settings match what’s listed on the product page and you’re printing slow. These have been test printed across multiple printers so it shouldn’t be an issue with the model.

Hi there. I bought the airtag model and the large one doesn't seem to fit onto the airtag. Is there something I should do to make it fit?

My first guess would be the AirTag might just be the wrong way around in the Grommlet. It only fits one way since the AirTag isn’t symmetrical.

Other than that just make sure to follow the layer height listed on the product page and print slowly. I have a completely stock printer with a 0.4mm nozzle so there shouldn’t be anything special you need to do.
I hope that helps!

Hello. For your "CAT SCRATCHER BOARD STRIPPER" I am unable to print the small screw on a .2mm nozzle at .15mm. Is there a print setting are able to share with me so I can successfully print it please? Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the message! Unfortunately this this the only version of the board stripper there is. I printed with the standard E3D 0.4 mm brass nozzle so you should have no problem with a smaller nozzle. Maybe try printing slower? Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Answered on the Grommlet product page

Hello, I really like the design for the airtag grommet but I had an issue where the airtag didn't fit and when i forced it one of the locking pieces of the print broke off. do we need to scale up the model at all? Thank you

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