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Hola, ya he comprado varios de tus modelados, pero tengo una duda, trabajas sobre pedido?

are you talking about commission? sorry i am not taking any commission right now. but if you want some model fixed or cut i can do it for you friend thank you! :)

Why is the spiderman model super hollow? how do you resin print it with no wall? its too thin

are you talking about amazing spiderman posing? it was not hollow friend! please put auto support and it will print well. if you can explain it more specifically please send me some of the screetshot of the part you are talking about to my email: DANIELKWON87@GMAIL.COM thank you!

Hi did you ever find the time to cut this up? I think I saw one posted on FB today in a different pose and I wasn't sure if it was yours. Sadly I didn't save the post. Let me know. Thanks

i been sick with vaccine sorry the model couldn't be mine. i am working on it and will get back to you soon friend! sorry for taking long..

Oh man I think somebody fished your model then. I'll try to find it and alert you when I do. Get better and thanks.

hi i just updated paul with cut and keyed model. i'm sorry it took so long. also uploaded zendaya. happy new year!

Hello, my name is Jesper and I'm from the Printasy team. My girlfriend and I are doing our best to develop a company in the 3D printing industry. We are currently just a team of two people, but we have a steadily increasing development in the organic area of ​​social media. We were wondering if we could work with you somehow ,so that we may sell prints of your designs. we would of course give you full design credit, and we would be willing to give you a reasonable compensation if you'd like. We would also completely agree if you wish us not to sell prints of this design and we would cooperate fully. thank you. Please contact us : printasy@gmx.de

replied to your email.

hello um the Tanjiro file has errors and when i try to load in meshmixer, auto fusion 360 and 3d builder they crash. i really like this model and want to print it a xmas gift. is there a solution?

oh did you download tanjiro-repaired.zip? then i already repaired it so there should be no errors. could you please use other slicer for your printer?

Hey any progress on that cut and keyed stillsuit Paul Atreides? Just thought I’d ask.

i am working on it sorry it might take a few days since i am currently working on something else very sorry! let me get back to you asap.

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NP dude. I appreciate your response. Will check in a bit later then. Good luck! :)

Hi, thanks for doing the update to the batpod. Haven't checked out the update yet, but i had already printed it out in resin twice. Once with no modifications and it came out almost fine except for the hollow guns and that I didn't realize in advance that I needed holes in the tires.

Here are my issues with this file right now aside from the above and prior to checking what updates have been made today. Please keep in mind that my feedback is based on seeing the model was printable without batman on it and I wanted it to put a Catwoman figure on the bike, and I'm printing in resin.

1: grip is missing on the right handle
2: elbow rest on the right side snaps off way to easy.
3: no elbow rest on on left side. Not sure if it's supposed to be there, but the fact there's one on the right makes it seem like the left one is missing.
4: back gear prints out in two pieces, there's no reason for it to be one stl/obj.
5: can't fit a foot into the left foot holder, too much in the way in there to actually slide a foot into the space for it.
6: both wheel pipes are not the right size/scale for the model
7: neither the front or back gear/wheel holder fit properly onto the bike unless the holes are supposed to be 2 to 4 times bigger than the piece that slides into those holes to mount the gears to the body.
8: front gear object 0 is designed to be the front right of the bike, which is the wrong side if you're going for screen and page accuracy.

9: Something about the dimensions of the body seem off. I've uniform scaled the bike up to fit my catwoman figure, but it just doesn't seem like the body portion of the file is right; the back of the body isn't stretched out/long enough for her to sit right on it. This one could just be me, but it doesn't feel like there's enough distance from feet rest to knee rest. And like the handles aren't far enough out for her to properly stretch out her upper body.

let me take a look at them for few days sorry about the inconveniences !

Sure it's 192 x 120 x 200mm / 7.55in x 4.72in x 7.87in. Only when you can, I'd appreciate it.

Hey I just bought and downloaded your Paul in stillsuit model... looks great! But by any chance would you have one cut up and keyed so I can print at a bigger size on my Saturn? Thanks.

could you tell me your bed size? i could cut it for you.

Hi nice Paul Atreides model. Do you happen to have an image of the 3d build without the coloring you added?

Wow that is amazing! Thank you for that. Will be purchasing one from you.

i was wondering if i can have your permission to create and sell please

you can. just sell as 'custom' and as long as it's not mass produced it's fine.

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Lemme have files to nagatoro

I have no money

Plz I beg

I am your first follower


sorry friend giving away my selling 3d models for free would not be fair to other customers who paid for them.

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Plzzzzz just this once?

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

You didn’t censor the ones on page 5

So plllzzzz


I added your Razor Crest file in my Wishlist but I cannot load your website.

Can I have the Razor Crest file scaled up to 1/12 and does it have hinged doors and windows?



Hey, the venom model is not very printable on a filament printer using Cura is there any way you can smoothen up some surfaces

will there be any way I can get a refund if you can't fix the model? Thanks!

or if you could do the venom with a flat base that may improve

oh actually i can fix it and get it on flat surface. please wait for me for like a day i will send you the fixed file friend! :)

i fixed it and will send it to your email could you tell me your email?

mail is sent friend! thank you for buying! :)

Hey the venom print looks beautiful and I think his head isn’t finished with under his chin being hollow is that how it’s supposed to be?

yes friend the venom's mouth hole and the throat are supposed to be connected and hollow. it was designed like that because you could put magnet on the neck and put the other magnet on the body to exchange the heads. but you can just glue it and the hole wont be visible since it's inside the mouth. :)

Hi, can you make more squid game vip mask, i just only see the lion masks. Looking for you to make more ❤️

i will make it soon i will let you know when i do :)

Yah because Squid Game is on trending now, so releasing the models as soon as possible is also a great idea ❤️

Hi, can you make more masks ❤️

Hola buenos dias! Habra posibilidad de modelar una plantilla para imprimir y que luego ayude a pintar? O incorporar un pequeño relieve a la mascara con cada uno de los simbolos para tener de referencia en el momento del pintado. Muchas gracias.

hola pudiste imprimirla bien? que parametros usaste?

COORDENADAS3DIMP> i am very sorry i can't understand your meaning very well. could you type in english? thank you

There are no shaders/materials. Could you maybe share them? Thank you!

Oh i am sorry this model was made only for 3d printing so there is no shader or texture !

I understand. But in the pictures there are in color. Or is it a photo of the printed object? Would be nice, so i could try something out, like playing around with colors.

It is painted in zbrush. Its not a printed one. If you need the zbrush file i could send u .

want to see if u can make some model for me

please contact my email: danielkwon87@gmail.com for commission thank you! :)

want to see if u can make some model for me

please contact my email: danielkwon87@gmail.com for commission thank you! :)

hi, I like your work can you make void and zodd from berserk?

thank you for the compliment! i may upload zodd within few weeks. i will let you know when i do thank you again! :)

I have bought a number of your models to print, and enjoy your art style. Sadly Cults will not let me post any pictures of your models I have printed, or that I am painting. I do not know what your lineup is for figures to create, but I would definitely buy any figure models you would make of the girls from the Dead or Alive game series. Especially some of the popular ones, that have not had any models made of them, like Christie, Tina Armstrong, Helena, Hitomi, or Marie Rose. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

hello friend very glad to hear your complements! :) thank you a lot for buying my models and making them. i like dead or alive too. i shall make some girls from your selection and let you know in the future! if you have any printed pictures please send them to my email i'd love to see your work. thanks again and have a wonderful day! my email: danielkwon87@gmail.com

Hi dear, I have sent you a message on Gmail, regarding the model, I purchased this model from here and the file is not printable in skirt area, the walls are too thin and can't be 3d printed , is it possible to repair the model and provide to me ? Maybe closing the under skirt area would help alot for ease of printing this model


hi i fixed the skirt to be thicker and sent the files to your email please check friend thank your for buying. :)

please contact my email: danielkwon87@gmail.com for commission thank you! :)

sorry for the confusion. No slight intended, I would like to print this using my Mosaic canvas slicer and prusa mk3 printer with mosaics p2 system to produce the colors. I am absolutely terrible as a painter not sure which end of the brush to hold. I was wondering if you had hand painted it and that looks great by the way or if you segmented the colored areas for independent stls. This allows for using canvas and or bigbrain3d to paint the stls easily.

you mean the student girl you have bought right? i am afraid this model is not seperated and is one piece model. i am very sorry about this. i painted with zbrush. but i have printed this model with auto supports with resin printer and it printed out well. i hope you can get the result you wanted friend. have a nice day. :)