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que tipo de soporte utilizo?

hm not sure what you mean but please use auto supports in your slicer.

hey i was wondering if you could a model of shere khan from talespin, if you can can you message me back

Not taking request currently sorry

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would a petty please change? 🥺🥺🥺

Hello, have you test printed the Berserk ps5 controller stand? I've been trying to print it for the last 2 weeks and I'm having issues with the file in my slicer, between many errors in the model and parts becoming unprintable once slicing.

could you try slicer cura? i checked the model and it was fine with no error. if this keeps happening i could always refund you friend. sorry for this trouble.

I'm only familiar with prusaslicer as I'm printing it on my mini. 😅 I cut and keyed it myself to fit, and I have 2 out of 3 pieces printing properly it's just the 3rd piece being stubborn.

i see could you please send me that file(stl or obj file) to my email? maybe i could repair it so you can print it. it's figuremasteracademy@gmail.com

Yes I will send it as soon as I'm home and can get to my computer. Thanks. :)

Hi, i recently buy the guts stl, did you have smaller piece of the stl for a mars 3 pro ?

no sorry not currently friend. if you want some particular parts to be cut in half tell me the parts name. i will cut it for you.

Ty for the maj upload ! :)

buenas bro, una consulta , el soporte de mando de spiderman, va con soportes?

no sorry friend.

buenas bro, una consulta , el soporte de mando de spiderman, va con soportes?

buenas bro, una consulta , el soporte de mando de spiderman, va con soportes?

buenas bro, una consulta , el soporte de mando de spiderman, va con soportes?

hi ser! Do you have the colored version of the Morpheus? I just bought it. It would be great if I can have the colored version of it. as shown in the image of model.

Just sent you an email to figuremasteracademy@gmail.com too

sorry friend there is no colored version. but i do have zbrush file. if you want you can download that file.

zbrush file is now uploaded. please check friend.

Hello do you have a separate file for the Sakuragi Hair?

not currently but i can seperate them if you want friend :)

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yes. how much for the hair only?

can you please separate the hair file? I really want the hair only please

sure friend i can do that. could you send me an email to me? it's figuremasteracademy@gmail.com

I've sent you an email

hello master! I bought the Grifis file but the file is too big to be printed through the site. I tried to contact a company here to print but they ask me for the file in STL or STP format. could you provide them to me?

you can send them the 'GRIFIFTH-FULL-rep.zip' file. it has the full model and the seperated pieces. and they all are in STL format already so dont worry friend!

approximately 235.87mm including base friend!

What about the repaired pats?

repaired means just it's unconnected edges or holes are removed friend. it will be printed better. dont worry!

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bonjour je vous contacte pour savoir si vous êtes un créateur ou dessinateur ?

both friend. :)

Hi, I really like your work - I own a small business here in the US, and I am looking for a sculptor to help out on some projects I'm planning - do you do custom work? Can you provide me with an email, so I can send over some info & details? Thanks!

Please send my Refund, file is no good.

hulkbuster right? i requested for the refund and it should process in a few days.


This file has lots of STL files can't fix. R&L Arms, Legs,

Then your settings you use is no matter what software! Then adopt it on Cura! layer height? line width? Filling?

Hallo wie sind die Einstellungen für Cura? Ohne Stützstruktur oder mit? Layer Höhe? Linienbreite? Füllung oder nicht?
Der Oberkörper hat schon stützen soll man den ohne Stützstruktur drucken?

Gruß Oliwer

i am not sure about the cura setting. sorry friend!

hi i have a question. isn't Disney intellectual property? why can you used the caracters in your models?

hi i have a question. isn't Disney intellectual property? why can you used the caracters in your models?

hello. what scale is this?

what scale is what friend? please provide me the link of the model you refer to. :)

Hello! I have purchased and I am trying to print and prepare your PUCK FAIRY ELF model for painting as a garage kit, but having some issues with it. Was wondering if several changes can be made:
1. The hair is extremely brittle due to the fact that the roots of the hair is very thin - can you do something about it?
2. Can hair be made detachable from the face, as is customary with garage kits so the face can be more accessible for painting
3. Can wings be made detachable as at least one of them makes sanding the arm next to it very difficult
4. Can legs be made detachable from the base?

Would appreciate the changes made, either all or any - would really help with making it into a beautiful figure!

let me get back to you on this friend. please give me some time to work :)

stop demonetizing them.

what can i tell you friend? if you dont like them stop watching them.

and why would you click 'like' on one of those demonetized models?

stop demonetizing them.

I see friend i will repair them and get back to you friend! Please wait for me

Gracias por tu respuesta! =)

hi friend. i repaired the model and reuploaded it. please download the _nami11 (repaired).zip file from your DOWNLOADS section. thank you for purchasing!

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Thank you!