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I just wanted to thank you for the new update. Your original P1P sits next to my desk and i pick it up at least once a day and try to imagine how I would make it electric but I am not a designer so I could only daydream about it. So thank you for making this a reality, I can see you have a bunch of time and money invested so I appreciate that you released 2.0 with no extra cost. Cant wait to print it and if I have any input I will gladly share it.

My name is Ari, I am struggling with finances lately and was thinking about opening an online shop and selling some 3D-printed stuff on there. I really liked your model and would like to sell it.
Would this be ok with you?
Thank you in advance
Best Regards

User upload your model as his own, just made it a mini.

Hi. Thank you for letting me know. Shame on him. Ill report it.

there are no files in the download folder

Hi. What download folder?

hello i was wondering if i could sell prints of the PIPBOT 1 in my store

Hi. I think I would not know if you do. So go ahead. And thanks for asking. ;)

Hello. Let me start by telling you that the pipbot model is absolutely incredible. It printed beautifully on my Ender 3 V2 that has been giving me issues on other prints. I think the difference is your model is well designed. When you mention that there will be upgrades and such throughout the year, does that mean that there will be stand alone things to add to an existing model, or would it be a completely new model altogether? Either way I'm stoked to see what you come up with.

Hi, sorry for late response. I was working on PiPBOT 2.0 that will be uploaded soon as a major upgrade to current model. It will be printable in parts so it will be easier. Follow me on twitter. Do not hesitate to DM me there. ;)

my download of the BB toy train kit did not include the base for the tender

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Hi. The tender is the same as for train.. just change the Z scale to 50%

Just wondering why you are charging 5 pounds, when its free on other webpages?

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Hi what pages are you refering to? I have to report that. Thanks.

hi, sorry to bother you but i was just wondering whether this model can come in G-Code too or not.
many thanks

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Hi. g-code is different for every printer. Unless you have Artillery SW1.

hi the tanks moving parts didn't move.

we printed on a flashforge adventure 3 light.

any tips on how to get this right?

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Hi. I would need more information about that. Generally slower speed helps. If the tiny parts bends during print it will stuck together. Also retraction can cause stringing of filament so that can be the issue. Try PETG and speed just 15mms.. it will take almost a day. It that wont work ask me for refund ;)

Hi, Thanks for the pipbot design. Its awesome. It came out beautifully, but the tracks went to pieces when dettaching from build plate..
How are these connected? Is this repearable? Is there a way to print tracks only and place them on the chassis?

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Hi. You have probably in slicer settings "Slice gap closing radius" too low. Otherwise I have no Idea how to even do that. But thats my guess. Try to change it to 0.05 . In slicer window you should see some difference. The parts outlines should be around whole part and not single pieces

Unfortunately i can’t post a picture, but my print fails every time at the same spot still after changing the cura settings.. today it was the 4th in a row anyone having the same problem?

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that happens sometimes to me with different models. Im using Prusa Slicer.. changing USB stick helped.. probably some glitch in g-code

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

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Hi what models do you want to print/sell? DM me on twitter.

hi, do you allow remixes for upload (free, not to be sold)?

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yes. just send me the creation

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website.

Hello there !

I love your designs you are very talented.
I would like to know if you would be ok for me to buy your vase design and sell them as 3d printed ? Including a reference to you in the product description


i am impressed by your Woman Torso / VaseMode Scan.
Would it be possible to have the complete body scan or as much as possible.
I would like to have the Legs longer and also the arms.. can be without head.

I appreciate your work and will support you in future.
Thanks alot !!
Have a great Day !!

Greetings from Transylvania


new to this can these also be used on a ender 3d printer

I really liked the Infinity Shells design and I would like to know if its possible to get your permission to produce and sell this model.
Thank you!