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J’ai un problème avec la partie lower apparement il y a des erreurs

Send me an email with more information at erickantunesxd123@gmail.com so i can help you!!

Hello! I am a big fan of your work and have bought a few things and plan on buying more :). I recently bought the floette set and was wondering if you would make the eternal flower floette.

I can make that one for you ;)

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plleaaasseee let me know when it is up !!!!!!

Probably around january 10th ;)

Thank you! Also do you do commissions by any chance? My email is nerdidecor@gmail.com i would love to talk more about that 😊

hey, how do you place the parts from gyarados to print them?

Send me an email at erickantunesxd123@gmail.com so i can help you out!

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have send you an email

Found it, was in spam tab for some unknow reason!!

Buenassss podría contactar contigo por email o alguna manera un saludo

LOVE your pokemon Figs! there is many I wanna snag to print, I'm wait on some though, but I'm def going to get them all eventually!

Glad you like my work!!!

your quite welcome, I normally prefer full figures not individual printed pieces, but I'm try to start printing some like that soon

Hey bud, I bought your Skorupi file and the base came out great but the pokemon itself cant print.

It breaks quite often around the connections between the body segments, even if you put the model on it's side and have the best structure strength going through them.

Would you have any recommendations on specifically how to print it or a file designed for printing it? and can i check with you if this is better suited for a FDM or Resin printer?

Hope to get this sorted and get a pic of it finished to boost your work as the model looks great.

I will try making the body parts merging more in the connections to help you out, man!!! Sorry for the problem, please send me an email at erickantunesxd123@gmail.com so i can send you the new files.

I appreciate that bud, and I understand these things happen but yeah the base came out amazing so I know the whole file will be great :)

this file is missing the top of the machamp's head, the part of his crests.

Oba, você é brasileiro né? Rolou alguma confusão na sua impressão, amigo. Até mesmo pelo visualizador 3d do site da pra ver que não está faltando ;).
Qualquer coisa me manda um email que eu tenho ajudar: erickantunesxd123@gmail.com


Hey Erickantunes,

I really love your models, but i was having issues with them not being fully hollowed out. I bought your Latios/Latias, Dialga and Kyogre. They hat something like an inner body, that is messing with me while slicing for SLA printing, because the inner body must be supportet manually inside, somewhat messes with my Slicers (Prusa and Lychee fail to properly add infill/hollowing) and with SLA its like a resin chamber; also it causes the print to use up much more Material.

Is there any chance, you could update the files to be fully solid, so the slicer can hollow them out by itself? That would be absolutely fantastic!

it would help out a lot, also not just me, but all your customers!

Kind regards and Greetings from Germany - keep up you awesome work!

I will start learning how to use chitubox to make them hollow for easier printing!!

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thank you a lot! I really appreciate it!

Also, do you mind sending me your email?
I want to send you a model that should be really easy to make it hollow and as an apologize for the trouble :)

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No worries, i have to thank you for taking care!
Is there a way I can send you ma Mail-Adress without posting it here publicly?

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i'sent you a mail

Hey, I’m a youtuber called YoshivsJoshi, I was wondering if you could send some models and I review them on my channel, let me know if you’d like to, love your work!

hello friend, I love your job, do you have instagram?

Glad you liked it, man!!! I dont use much instagram but i will make one for my cults in the near future!

Love the work. Anyway to start all the starters? 2nd Generation and up plz.

Would love to work on them :)

I want buy Torterra file, but can you split it's 4 leg & head & tree out of body?

I will see what i can do :)

Sorry, i bought another already

My friend love your work, i will love to see corvnight and charizard gigantamax from you! xoxo

Glad your friend like it, would be cool to do a Charizard Gigantamax!!

Le fichier Body et corrompus impossible de le convertir en STL merci de m'envoyer le bon fichier

Pls send me your email so i can send you the files in stl format

Bro, why is there no red cloud

Pls send me an email at erickantunesxd123@gmail.com so i can send you the file with the clouds. I didnt noticed i uploaded it wrong, sorry.

Você tem algum contato pra conversar melhor?

How can you discount all these to me? how much can you give me all?


I want to buy all family of Urshifu
Can you give me discount?

HHAHAHHAH. Whats wrong with yall. Discount? dude works hard to make these. Plus $2. HAHAHAH

I want buy all family of Urshifu
can you give me discount?

Hello. How are you? I recently bought a model of yours (darkrai), but the page did not allow me to download it. Could you mail it to me? Thanks

For some reason the notification didnt reach me, you are able to download it already? Could be some connection issue between you and cults. Pls send me an email at erickantunesxd123@gmail.com

Hi. I recently buoght a model. But i can´t download it

how do you request bases for models.



Hi Buddy.
Incredible work.
i was wondering if i could speak to you directly as i would like to purchase some files and may have some commision work for you in the near future.