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Make sure you check out my other files for Knight and Mech parts, most of which are free.


Also, please join my Discord, The Madness of John Bear Ross, to interact with other fellow prototypers.

I have big plans for this year, including a light/scout mech chassis that can use all my free Small Knight weapons, a mid-weight mech chassis that can use my free and paid Questing Knight weaponry, and perhaps even a Tall Mech chassis that can use the Project Ironhorse and similar weaponry.

Stay tuned!

John Bear Ross

Hello, Would you happen to have a posable version of the Legs you used for the Chadscale Lieutenant guy?

Good day. Sorry you are wrong, I do not have a model called "xenolady ....". But thank you for your interest in my work. Subscribe to the profile, many things are planned in the future, including beautiful ladies of different races.

Thanks again!

More free Knight parts are on the way, too.

Keep checking back.


eh no problem, anyway thanks for the support and hope it prints well.
happy printing.

Hello! Glad to have you on-board :) Any suggestions? I guess I could tinker sth extra for patron...

As one of the first top purchase the Tripod Warrior legs, I thoiught i'd let you know i have completed the Torso and head variant. reply with your email address and i'll happily send them to you.

Thanks for buying. Let me know any issues.
So looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Thank you for your purchase Ebola0! You are Astra Invictum Studios' first customer! If you enjoy the model, please feel free to rate the product and upload some pictures of your print!

Hi, Leve me your mail for the Tomb Sentinel update ;)

hmmm, i'm happy to hear i wasn't mistaken lol, but i'm a bit wary of posting my email address in a non-private manner like this, are you on the 3d 40k groups i'm guessing? I can provide you with a link to my profile or you could leave yours and we can get in touch via FB?

Hi! Yes you bought my helmets on november 10!
So leave me your mail for the updated file ;)

yay!!! sub'd!!!!!

There is a little p looking thing next to the username, that is the patreon page. Mine is The_Real_JMo

Hello friend! I recently added a file to my space communist pistol shrimp model giving you the means to print up a variant back piece in case you wanted a 2 armed broadside over a 4 armed broadside!

You won't need to print any of the secondary arm pieces if you use this back, but you will need to print the 2 front arm rail cannon mounts because you only have those arms to mount the cannons too.

Happy printing~!

Hi mate,

Thank you for your purchase and support, i have been informed that i missed the spine on the separated model and that there was a slight problem with putting the outer wings on.

To fix these issues i have updated the listing. please see below link for updated files


Happy printing

Thank you for your support! I'm currently working on updating the files and making them a bit thicker. These files will be added to the current package so please make sure to redownload everything!