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Hi, do the funkos come with file for printing the box?

Hello, no. We have a plan on Patreon (Premium plan) where you get the custom box along with the model. take a look at the link https://www.patreon.com/deslimjim

It is annoying to pay for something that needs further work...

Hello, it is common for some files not to be fully compatible with other programs, as it is impossible for a modeler to create a model that opens and works 100% in all programs. In that case, be sensible and contact us with your problem, it will be a pleasure to try to help you to get amazing 3D prints. And please don't SPAM messages about the same issue. I already read your question. Avoid being reported and banned from the Cults3D community. Read the Cults3D rules and if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help. Thanks

Mister, the stl of gay funko pop final space is very poorly designed. It has a thin wall around the face area that cannot be correctly printed. I have to run diagnostics and perform further operations so it can be printed... Be advised

Hello, I tested it here and the file is working perfectly. I made some adjustments and I believe it will now open normally for you. Please, just download the file again. The file is complete and not thinly layered, it's tidy. thanks

I already changed Gary's file (Final Space). It's correct. I've tested it and it's working. Just download it again. Any questions let me know.

Im looking for quinn from final space, any chance you have it?

Hello, orders are made by commission only. If you want to receive a quote, please get in touch via instagram dm. thanks

hi would you be able to do knuckles in an action pose ? I only collect the funko pocket pops ( (Keychains) so scale of 2"(H) x 1" x 1") would this be possible as I like the quality of your designs. I also have a few requests I would like to make (missed Marvel/DC characters) that funko skipped designing.

Hello, at the moment I am only placing orders through commission. In this case, the value is totally different because it will be necessary to do it according to the customer's decide. If you're interested and would like a quote, send me a private message on Instagram, I'll send you the quote there. My instagram : https://www.instagram.com/deslimjim

Is it any chance of split files on the green tracksuit squid games for just head and body

Hello, sorry the file is already finished. The files that are made separately are described in the character details in Cults3D. You can separate the model using programs like Windows 3d Builder which is free.

Have you made any tokoyo revengers characters at all in funko style?

Hello, sorry at the moment we don't have any characters from this anime.

Would you be likely to do any in the future do you know? Thanks

Yes, probably. At the moment I have many projects in progress and some commissions, so I don't have a deadline to carry out other projects. But in the future, I might think about making some characters. Thank you for the indication, I will analyze this anime and get to know it better. Have a great day.

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Thanks for getting back to me that's great I'll keep an eye out in the future then. Yes really good anime you should get into although mikey and draken are not the main characters they totally steal the show

Hello, I bought you the funko from BOO monster inc. And although it was difficult to print in PLA, it was perfect. I would like to give an opinion to improve the impression. It would be nice if boo's head could be printed separately because of the details of the costume and when opening the file it is on a scale of %100000 it is very difficult to separate boo's head, this would save a lot of printing time, material, supports, etc. And above all, the head could be painted neatly. Sorry if my opinion bothers you, but the truth is that this funko is beautiful.

Hello, first of all thank you for your purchase! Normally I don't make the head separate from the body just to save on resin or filament, since you only print 1 file. Many prefer it to be separate to help with painting. But all my prints are done together and I can paint normally without any difficulty. I believe it is more practical than possibility. Also, making the head separate ends up taking a lot of time, as it is necessary to close each part and place pins. It is usually a service that I charge for when the customer buys on a commission basis. About the file being too large in scale. It varies by slicer. For example, if you open it in the Chitubox program (as indicated on the cults3d page) the model will be too small. There is no way to make a 3D model that fits all slicing programs. Closing a file for Cura is different than Chitubox for example. But the file works on all slicers. Just configure. What you can do to fix this is to open it in chitubox, set the scale and save again. This procedure usually resolves this bug. All my customers were able to print, some did it and informed me that it solved it. And your opinion doesn't bother me. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas. I'm sure if I can improve, I'll do it. If you are still having problems or difficulties printing, let me know. I will try to help. And I'm already making some models with the head separated from the body, such as the minitoy models that are on my cults page, all are already made separately. Thanks again for getting in touch. I hope I can help more in the next models. Cya buddy =)

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Hi! I was wondering if you could make a season 1 Nancy from Stranger Things funko pop stl? I’ve always wanted the first one but it’s so expensive nowadays! Thank you! :)

Hello, at the moment I am not taking commissions, I have a closed schedule until the end of January.

Hey my man,

I am having problems with uploading the file. The download states complete but will not load on and slicer program I am using. Even tried tinkercad.

What can I do?

Thank you!

Hello, it is common for some STl files to be incompatible. Try to open the file in the Chitubox program as instructed. Make changes like scaling etc and then save again as STL. After doing this, try to open it in the program you want, see if this fixes this bug. I did the test here and the file is opening and working perfectly.

hello, how much for create randall of monster inc

Hello, I'm not currently taking commissions. As soon as I get back to order I'll let you know. Thanks =)

Hiya, Do you know how much resin it took to resin print your kiriko toyart?

Hello, there is no way to know, because there are many variables. It depends on the resin brand, its viscosity, the size of the piece you are going to print, the amount of supports you will place on the model, if the model will be hollow or completely filled, if it is hollow, you need to know the thickness of the edges, and the internal support. There are many variables. You can put a similar model in the chitubox program, configure all the elements mentioned above to your preference and try to slice it to get an idea.

"You can scale it in chitubox" euh ok...but what % should I put to get the standard 4inch funko pop??? thank you

Hello, on the % side you have the mm field. just put the measure you want in millimeters and the program will show the % automatically.

in this vain , your model seems to be partially hollow , any way to re-upload it as a solid model for resin printing so i dont need to put holes in it ?

Hello, which model are you having problems with? Please let me know and I will check for you.

Hi CMMILBY I update the Naruto Sage Mode, please download again, I fix the problem. thanks a lot

Hello i was wondering if i could get a commercial license to sell your christmas decorations thank you

Hello, I do not provide authorization to sell the products. Models are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Hola compré el Goku pero me sale que el archivo está defectuoso, lo intenté reparar con Messhmixer pero la impresión sale mal, se corta a la mitad y tiene errores. Qué parametros de impresión se usan? Gracias.

Hello, please try to open the file in the Chitubox program, change the parameters like scale, etc. Then save in the format you want and try to open in another slicer. It often happens to cause incompatibility with other programs. I just opened the file here and everything is working perfectly.

Hello im new to 3d printing and love your coffins i was wasnting to know if i could print and sell to my friends

Hello, our files are for your own use. But if it's a small amount for your friends, no problem.

Thank you

Hola, compre el modelo de goku y no abre el archivo de la figura con Cura, solo abre el archivo de la base.

Hi, I'll check the file, just a moment.

I looked here, the file is right. Inside the STL folder there are 2 files, one for the base and one for the model. Try opening it in the Chitubox program, configure the scale you want and save again in the format you want. Sometimes the CURA program or another slicer usually gives incompatibility.But it's all right.

and pop dragon quest?

Hi, I'm getting a lot of requests lately. As soon as I can meet everyone, I will make more models of pokemon and Dragon Quest.

hello you can make pop pokemon machop or machoke or machamp?

Hi, I'm getting a lot of requests lately. As soon as I can meet everyone, I will make more models of pokemon and Dragon Quest.

Hello I just ordered a bunch of your funko's and was wondering what scale do you print them at? When I opened them in cura they came out really small

Hello, the file can be scalable by the Chitubox program, then you put the size you want and save the STL again, sometimes Cura or other slicers give this incompatibility.

If you have any problems or can't solve them let me know.

Hello I was able to get it the correct size using Chitubox thank you. What is the best way to print this? Standing up or horizontal laying on the bed? Which would you recommend?

if it is a resin printer, I advise you to use a vertical with a 40 degree inclination, because of the vacuum.
If you use a filament printer, I can't tell you for sure. You need to see your printer model and the type of material to be printed, as some materials such as FDM have a greater force on the XY axis than the Z axis. also a horizontal print leaves more support marks than a vertical one. maybe it's better to do a test with a very small scale so as not to spend a lot of material. you can also try with a slope on your piece, thus distributing the print force.then tell me if everything went well and if you were able to print. =)

Hello thanks for the reply I was able to get it to print. I print it with the head on the print bed. It worked and came out good. Going to print your other models. Great work looks fantastic!

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Thanks friend, I'm glad you're enjoying my work. Soon I'll be posting a lot more stuff, have a great week!

Hey friend, did you model other characters of Mitchells vs the Machines? By the way, great work

Hi, sorry, at the moment, only the father model.

Compré el funko de Kyo Nest pero no puedo darle "slice" con el cura, en el chitubox me sale que su escala es demasiado pequeña (0.14mm) y la escala automáticamente al 10000% y no puedo arreglar el problema, escalarlo manualmente no me sirve para solucionar el problema

Hi, I have updated the model, please re-download it. If you still have incompatibility, try to open the chitubox program and change the size of the model using "scale". Then save in STL format and open in the desired program.

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ya me funcionó en el cura, muchas gracias

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thanks =)

Hi Deslimjim,

I picked up your Zangief Pop file and it's fantastic. I do have one small question I hope you can help me with. Do you know what the scale settings for this .stl is in Cura? Cura automatically scales it to 10000% but I was hoping you knew what scale would make it the same size as standard Pop Vinyl figures. If you don't know, no worries but I just thought I'd check.

Many thanks

Hi, first thanks for buying the file. Your support helps a lot. Many people warn me that the STL suffers from instability in Cura and ends up changing the scale. I advise you to open it in the Chitubox program, there you can choose the scale you want, The original funko size is 10cm (usually), after resizing, save a new STL through the program and open it in Cura, often doing just that solves. Cya

Then let me know if you got it, and if you want, send me a photo of the printed model, I can post it and tag you on instagram. =)

Hello, can you do custom Funko Pop stl ? Thank you a lot.

Hi, yes I do, but at the moment I'm not taking orders. Let me know what model you want and if possible I'll make it. Thanks

Hello Do you do Custom ones since id like a greys anatomy pops

Hi, yes I can. At the moment I have a lot of requests and models in progress and I won't be able to make other models. But follow my page on Cults3D and soon I'll make some Grey's Anathomy models. Thanks =)