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Will you make Giyu Tomioka Katana sword for 3d print?

Sure, it is in my plans so stay tuned😃

is that there are people who want to make the cossplay and therefore buy the sword, instead of buying the 3d printer and do all that post-processing, that's why I asked my previous question

hello, good afternoon, I would have a doubt if I were to sell the painted, sanded, and glued print, that is to say to do all the postprocessing and printing, since there are many people who do not know about 3d printing and only want to buy a sword already finished, would I have any inconvenience with this model when doing this, or would I have to better design it for sale, (I do not plan to sell the file only the printing and postprocessing), or if I would only have to give credits to the author?

Under the rules of this website you can buy the 3d files and make the katana for yourself only, I'm also making the katana printed and painted and selling it myself which will make your Katana sale unfair without giving credits to the author.

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This is the rule that cults shared so please follow this rule -> WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS SYMBOL © NEXT TO THE CREATIONS? CAN I SELL THE PRINTS OF THE 3D FILES?
It means “Copyright”. Except contraindication, all creations published on CULTS are exclusively reserved for private and personal use. It means not selling the model or any derivative of the model for economic or financial gain. For example, you cannot sell the digital model, a derivative or adaptation of that model, nor can you sell prints of the model or make trade of it, unless the designer has given you formally his approval.
Thus, only free 3D models with a Creative Common license that allow commercial use are allowed for sale. If you want to sell a printed version of a 3D file, the best thing to do is to ask the designer directly to see if they give you permission. You can use the comment section under each 3D model to notify the designer or click on "Message" when you are the designer's Cults profile.

okay, I understand that. I am also a designer, and that's why I was asking if you would like we could give you credits, putting a link to your pages or katana designs of course if you give us permission to sell it, because we know that designing is hard work, and now we have some work and so we can not design it and that was the question that if you allowed us to sell it including a link to your page of cults for example.

Love your design for the swords. Just finishing the free one for my kid then plan to buy the zenitsu blade. do you plan on making sheaths for them in the future to purchase?

Hi, I received many queries and I started working on it but I'm trying to find a robust modular way to do it! I was thinking to make a simple one compatible with the Rengoku and Zenitsu katanas, I will see if I can make it personalized for the character though