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Thank you for purchasing my first model!
Thank you for purchasing my first model, yay! ^-^

Hi there! I purchased the art deco print. It was my first time purchasing a 3d print file after many hours of me struggling to master the designing. To say it was worth every cent is an understatement! printed perfectly. I love that its thin as the lines are crisp and cut beautifully. After purchasing this one, ive just made a bulk order and you will now be my go to when i need anything designed! thank you! you have saved me alot of time and frustration!

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These cutter is far too thin.. so disappointing

I’m really really disappointed with your cutter. The walls are far too thin and they bend when pressure is applied. I also bought the Art Deco cutter. Not happy at all.. very very disappointed

Hi ryajacobsma, which is the file you have problems with?.. I can resend the file to your email

Hi, I just bought my first cutter from you and I set my sliver to the print settings you have on the listing. However, when I slice it, it isn't printing the walls. I'm using Cura. Any idea what might be going wrong? Thanks!

Hello Jianely, right now I check it, maybe the file did not load correctly, an apology

Hi Carolina,
I recently purchase a cutter but when I download it I only get a picture and not the actual stl.
Daisy 36mm

thank you!

Hi Carolia, I've sent a message on instagram, to ask if you do custom stl files?