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Hey there,

I was hoping to build the diorama you have as the images for your Bushido Rocks but I'm not sure what files I need to purchase. I suspect all 5 of your Bushido Rocks files are needed, but are those just the rocks? Do they include the temple?


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HI, Please link me the url model you are interested and I will check for you the files in the collection! Thankyou!

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Hi, I am checking for you now! It should be all in one.

Hi, The model is complete with rocks and temples as in the picture! please let me know if you would like to know about other models here! I would be happy to help! Thankyou!

Also if you would like to see more renders please let me know!

Hi I have downloaded the Viking trio. The V-Axe and V-Sword downloaded fine and printed with no problem. Beautiful work! Viking ship... another story. I cannot get it to get to the stl files for me to open in Chitubox. I open in WINRAR, click on the file, and it just keeps taking me back in circles. Looks like it is being extracted, but then CB does not open. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Any ideas? Thank you !

Hi, I will check the model for you and see if there is a way to send a different version for you that will open in chitubox

Hi, I have added the ship models improved for print! I hope they work now in chitubox! Thankyou !

Hello, I just got your lava rock 1, and when I loaded mountain care paravel 3.obj file into Cura, it gave me model errors ( missing or extraneous surfaces). I see the png files, but as I am completely new to 3D printing (this is only my 2nd attempt), if I need to apply the texture png file to the obj before slicing, please let me know how? I tried to look it up online but I'm completely stumped. It is also saying that it's scaling the obj file by 10000% in cura, is that intended? Sorry, thank you!

Hi, for 3d print missing or extraneous surfaces means there are some open parts which you should be able to fill by an auto repair! as for scaling there should be an auto scaler too. It is currently scaled for renders to be massive but printing programs can auto scale. I hope that helps.

Hi, I've been struggling with the file today, and I don't think I can get it working. it says the mesh needs extensive repair and can't be auto fixed. It also looks like the render is tiny, and is multiplying 10,000x automatically, and I would like to print it large scale in parts. Do you have any recommendations? If not, could you please process a refund for me? Thank you,

I am making a watertight version for you to try which I will post soon! Thankyou!

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Hi, The model has been made watertight for easier printing with some added variations of just the cliff parts to try printing ! Thankyou! I hope this will make printing this very detailed environment easier!

Thank you! It worked amazing!

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Your very welcome!


Hi. Do you do commission work? Looking for a 3d print of the vintage Voltron: Castle of Lions. If so, I can discuss more through email. Thank you very much! Your prints are some of the best I've encountered!!

Chip Johnson

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Hi, Thankyou! I do commission work. Please email me at aramar@hotmail.co.uk I look forward to hear your commission ideas! Thankyou!

hi when i buy an stl can i sell the print?

Hi, Printed models are for personal use. Thankyou! Models can be used in game design though!

🤯😵‍💫 who are you ???
the amount and the quality of them is just staggering
Very very impressive😯😯
I was trying to find your Skeletor Castle I'm on page 31 Jesus Christ still going
I never seen such a extensive collection

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Thankyou! I have many artworks also. I do have a few designs that fit a skeletor designs im not sure there posted here! Please email me and I can send you a direct link! email in bio.

purhased DARK HORROR CLIFFS 3 but the download showed LIZARD ROCKS 3 ? (is this correct) It had errors when trying to load and required repair to load into 3D Builder. finally got it to print and it was a mess and disaster and had to abort print. Can you please verify that i received the correct fie or how can I get a clean file? Thank you for any help or respnse. I am printing other rock cliff files just fine before and after your file (QIDI X-Plus) so my software and printers are operational. Your file may be corrupt somehow?

Maybe is the problem on my end the object file is the issue converting into STL?

Hi, I will check for you! the file is the correct one but It is not water tight! I will create a water tight file for you and send it today!Thankyou

Hi ,I I have checked and the model is in fact water tight and now uploaded in stl! I also added a dynameshed new version to try

The new file to try is called lizard rocks new! It is dynameshed in zbrush closeing all holes which has worked on all 3d prints in the past I hope this one is an improvement!

BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO, je nais jamais vu un style pareil tous est incroyable, je ne comprend pas qu'il n'y est pas plus de téléchargement
vous devriez travailler dans le décor pour le cinéma.
Ont vois un travail applique par passionner, j'espère que vous serait reconnu pour votre travaille si ce nais pas déjà fait bonne continuation a vous.

Merci pour votre généreux soutien! C’est très apprécié ! Je suis aussi un artiste 2D avec le nom de Joseph C-Knight
J’apprécie le compliment et j’espère que vous aimerez les futures sculptures postées ici!
Je vous remercie!

still saying the same thing for all three files i cant put it into ultrimaker at all because all it dose is open up my notes and show code

Hi, It my be your printer wont allow obj files! I will attach FBX for you to try!

I have attached stl file format to try! These have been printed before so if you could please let me know what file formats your printer likes I can make a further file upload if necessary. Thankyou!

I looked up ultimaker and obj is supported which is odd if you cant import!
Is there special perameters for the program? and can you show me your error message please?

i tried to pull up the file and all it gave me was code

Hi, I will reupload the files for you asap so when you try and download the files they will download! Thankyou!

Hi, Models have been attached with the files again which all open fine in zbrush! Please let me know if you need a file in different format? Thankyou for your purchases!

i use ultrimaker cura

Hola que tal me interesa solamente el caballo ..me podrías pasar un link con tal diseño ?para comprar .otra cosa soy de argentina me pasarías el precio en pesos muchas gracias !! hermoso trabajo !!!

Hola, por favor enlázame el modelo con el caballo que te interesó gracias

¡Luego subiré solo la versión del caballo para ti! ¡Gracias!

Du coup pourrais je être remboursé de celui? Car il y avait une erreur dans l'autre et je l'ai bien téléchargé, merci beaucoup.

Je l'ai acheté deux fois à cause de l'erreur.

Oui, vous pouvez obtenir un remboursement si vous avez acheté deux fois sur la page des paiements

bonjour je ne comprend pas, il n'y a que le model de la statue mais pas celui du support mural ?

Salut, Merci pour l’achat Je vais joindre les fichiers ajoutés pour vous lorsque vous downlaod le modèle à nouveau!

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Tout est fait! PLease redescend le modèle et la statue sera sur le mur! Merci

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Both options would be preferable.
I try to print variations for an entire table for my armies

Hi, I will have both options available in a hour or so! Thankyou!

Hi, I have a Version here with 3 variation in the same pack! I hope this is expectable!

Hi, If you would like different option I can make that as well! Thankyou!

Can you make it possible to just purchase the gate with the ladies?
I'd buy that :)

Hi, I will check for you to see if Its available!

If you would like the model with just the figures and the top arch removed I could do that also!

Hi there its the Wizard Dragon Emperor Tower Ruin collection

Hi, Those models come with ladies around the gate! Since 3D preview is sideways on those ones I can just about see them!
I hope that answers your question on the model! Thankyou for your support!

It's the Wizard Dragon Emperor Tower Ruin collection

Does this file have the file to print the lady looking gate type thing in the front right hand corner of the picture?

Hi, Could you link me the model with the lady looking gate in the render please Thankyou! I can then let you know if its included which it most likely is! Thankyou!

Hello Joseph,
I found your steampunk airships brilliant.
May I have two questions?
1. Are those 3D files coming in parts or it's just one single big file?
2. Do You have an stl for engine only?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, Thankyou ! The models come in one complete file and are in obj file format!! The texture need to be manually applied also since they are tiled textures!

Hi, If you want to have STl versions please contact me on https://www.artstation.com/aramar I may be able to send you stl versions on the models you like! Thankyou !

So If I dismount the obj in Blender into several smaller files Should I 3D print them one by one?

Yes I suggest trying that! There very detailed models! you wont be able to get the rope details printed though!

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Do you allow selling 3d printed figurines of your work?
Can we discuss how we can cooperate?

Thank You!

Hi, At the moment I don't allow selling 3d printed models of my work! I am open for commissions though!

I just ran across your works and I have to say it is some of the most unique stuff I've seen yet. Cool seeing the contrast between various mythos of the past and the fictions of the future. In a way they almost collide. They're incredibly detailed, which is a little intimidating. Are they fairly difficult to properly print? Thanks.

Hi, Thankyou! I have many more to upload! As for printing The statues have printed quite easily! The architecture might need some tinkering to get all those details in though! I have a much larger collection on cg trader and am in the process of getting more on here !

Goedendag, kunt U voor mij : Pillars rows Baroque fantasy 3D model, omzetten in STL.file ?

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