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Hey there, just bought the Samurai Jack .stl it's amazing thank you - it doesn't come with the same colour / materials as pictured though. I'm aware it's for 3D printing but I actually need it for a little VR museum I'm making as a personal gift for my sister (the Jack model specifically) - would be helpful if I could have the materials also I'd happily pay more just didn't realise it was going to come without my bad. No worries if it's not possible just thought I'd ask x

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Hello thanks for your message and if I can prepare a file in FVX, DAE or OBJ format, containing the colors / materials as you wish. It would cost you about 5 dollars and you can make the payment through Paypal if it seems good to you, in addition to coordinating the download of the file.

Any tips on printing this out as far as the scale and such. Importing into Lychee and its of the charts. Happen to have any pics of the finished product?

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Forgive the delay sir, we are making some new adjustments to the stl. They will be avaliable tomorrow.
Regarding the measures has an approximate of 20 cm or 200mm.

Is there any chance you could upload an stl with the left and right body pieces already joined together? I want to try and resin print it in one piece.

Hello, I'm doing a one piece of samurai Jack, do you also want Aku in one piece?

Nah. I don't have the Samurai Jack model, just the Squid Game Holder.

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Ok, no problem.