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this is for the rotator there is no indicator of what this thread is for v1 v2 v3 rotator so if it not for the rotator the others have a parts list included in the download

cults neads to include what the heck this is for so the creator to answer properly

1 10ch reciever
1 6 ch reciever
2 flysky fs-i6x transmitter this transmitter can not change channles while it is connected to a reciever
11 total micro servos
7 micro servos converted to standard gearbox
4 micro servos electronic circuts for the gm motors

2 gm9 gear box motors
2 gm3 gearbox motors
2 standard servos stearing and shifting
1 T27 motor
5 flashing amber leds roof emergancy light
2 flashing red leds rear emergancy tail light
a lot of screws for plastic #3 x 1/2"
m3x8 grub screws
m3x6 grub screws
m3x18 screws
m3x16 screws and nuts for springs
8 spdt mini on/off/on momentary or latch switches for both transmitter
search for (on) off (on) 3 position mini spdt flat lever
if you use momentary you will have to hold all switches in the up position to turn on the transmitter
momentary long handle (on)/off/(on) note ()indicates momentary

flysky long 3way more available on ebay
2 self centering adapters for ch3 stick on transmitters
1 sound and light board
16awg wire to extend battery over wheels
tamiya power male and female plug and pins,pin crimp tool
3-y reciever wires, 1-y front outrigers, 1-y rear outrigers, 1-y crane lift hydrolics
reciever wire,recieer plugs,reciever pins,pin crimp tool

4 in cable ties
heat shrink tubing

clear pla
clear red pla
clear orange or yellow pla

bumper front 4-screws for plastic
bumper back 4-screws for plastic
servo 4 m6 bolts
tires 6-m3 bolts

frame/body/trany/suspension/differintal/drive shafts
?-screws for plastic 1/2
20-bearings 6700zz i am told that the actual count is 24 or 26 so be on the safe side and buy 3 packs of 10 you will nead them if you build my other trailers

all ujoint
aprox 40-grub screws m3x6mm and m3x8
8mm on 2 sides buttet with 6mm on oposit sides
just about every place a grub screw is used it is either m3x8 or m3x6

front stearing 4x4

2-screw m3x10
1-screw m3/22
2-nut m3

the motor is 6v but the ratings are up to 18-24v so still in the 12v power range
11.1v battery
12v esc

R/C minumum 6ch transmitter and reciever note i was using a 4ch futuba 72mhz tx and rx that has ben woring on my tamiya truck with out any problems for many years but on this truck it was pleged with disasterus results i am not sure if the problem was in the reciever transmiter or all or just plain not comatable but when i got a new flysky 10ch i6x 4.2mhz system all the problems dissapeared and what a great system for a great price this is set up default for 6ch when you purchase this system with a 6ch rx you have to go into settings and turn on the other channels because by default they are turned off so don't panic when you get it and it says 6ch

2 r/c servo standard size stearing

rc antanna if using older 72-75mhz system not needed for the new 2.4ghz systems
sound and light board
18 guage wire for the motor to esc
5-5mm amber leds for the roof lights the lights and sound kit does not have roof light suport
2-5mm red led this kit only comes with 2-5mm red leds and 1-3mm red led don't even ask me what the reasoning behind this is this kit also says it comes with 4 yellow leds it does not included on purpose because there are no conectors for them
1-futuba power switch
2-bullet conectors male

motor 800 rpm 6v
DC 24V/12V/6V Shaft Electric Gear Box Motor Speed Centric Reduction Controller

or motor 540 12v

you will nead to order 30 bearings or 3 sets
10 PCS 6700ZZ 10 x 15 x 4mm Modle Sealed Metal Shielded Ball Bearing cg S! total $14

i have made this truck to fit this board
this kit is ligts and vibration and sound for $47
G.T.Power Lighting & Voice Vibration System for Tamiya RC4WD RC Truck D5B8

neg side goes to board side of sound card

light count total
5-3mm clear for roof

2-5mm head
6-5mm rear bumper turn,reverse,running
2-5mm front turns
2-5mm front bumber fog lights
1-5mm status light moved into the cab for a cab light
total of 13-5mm leds and 5-3mm leds

the sound and lighting wireing there are a lot of lights on this truck more than outputs on the board so wire 2 leds per channle example the
2 rear tail lights to 1 plug plughed into lights 1
2 front fog lights to 1 plug pluged into lights 2
2 front head lights to 1 plug pluged into lights 1
2 top outside roof lights to 1 plug pluged into lights 2
3 top inside roof lights to 1 plug pluged into lights 2
the rest are labled the 4 bottom plugs 1 goes to the esc 1 goes to front stearing servo 1 goes to shift this does nothing and does not even work with the new 3speed tranny upgrade

the 4 above plugs go to your reciever
4-direct = rcvr 2
3-esc = rcvr 3
2-function = rcvr 4

the top plug is for seperate 7-12v power this must be pluged in use a y conector to split off of the esc or if your reciver has a b+ use it not all recievers have this seperate plug but some do make sure you cut the white wire and only use red and black the white is a signal wire if you do not cut this wire every thing will be screwed up if you try to stear it will probably power the esc trust me you will have a but load of what the hell is going on

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Thanks mate

hey ajory (i also messaged you on thingiverse, wasnt sure if you checked both accounts still)

first off, thanks for all the hard work that you put into doing these king hauler clones. i started printing off V2, until i realized there was a V3 on cults lol. i think im going to stick with the V2 for now as ive already printed off the frame. One of my main questions at the moment is what screws you used for this. i saw somewhere that they were 1/2" long, #5's, is that right? did you do any that were bolt/nut combo or were they all just tapped into the plastic?

thanks! cant wait to get this all printed!


I have the same quetion as Steve about the screws. I am new to both modeling and 3D and this is the first big print and I am enjoyng your work immensly

Found the list in this download. Very good thank you muchly

so #5s are kind of an odd size (at least for buying locally in store from big box stores (home depot, etc) so i tried using #6 1/2 screws (so far only on the frame rails) it works but its very tight. i havent put anything else together yet, but im thinking of using nut/bolts for a lot of this tho. 2.5mm screws fit in side the holes on the rail (since i already have the rails together, i only test fitted the 2.5mm bolts on the remaining holes) and i think those might be a good option. 3mm would work too but your going to be "threading" it into the holes. my ultimate plan/goal is to document the proper size screws/bolts/nuts to use on this. but so far, its printing great! i have the frame, suspension, most of the differentials/gears done and currently doing the rear fenders. the biggest thing i can suggest so far, is to make sure when printing the differential cases (top n bottoms) to make sure that the inside part of those pieces (where the bearings/gears go) is printed as smooth as possible. it took me a few tries to dial my printer in, but i was able to print those pieces so the inside was facing up.

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I thought that bolts would be better as well. As of now I only have the chassis rails and all the diiff bits and the cab done. All appears to be printing really well. A list of what bolts,screws .etc you use would be terrific. I think I have found the grub screws for the grub screws locally so that will be good. The bearings were a bit different but I have seen them on the web reasonably local. All were a bit dearer than it was in the parts list but it all is very enjoyable :) Good to hear your reply mate

i went ahead and ordered the bearings thru amazon. just found a price i liked and got em. they seem to fit perfectly. i have one differential case that i need to sand a little bit but other wise, the size listed in the parts list is right. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019CPVD7M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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I found a place in our capitol not that far away around $2 each so will order today. Keep up the dialogue mate it helps a newby like me :)