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Hi, I used a spring from a clothes peg which I pinched from my wife's washing line!!

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hi ,what kinda spring you use for a magazine lever ? thanks

Just looked on tinkercad, I have the basic model only now as tinkercad has lost all my files....The models on cults are the only remaining things left....

That's annoying. I will design the magazine myself, thanks to you I have the dimensions. Thank you for your support

Thank you very much for your great magazine. Unfortunately I don't have an Ek Adder I have only the R9 without magazine. I would like to mount the printed magazine on my Cobra. However, I have to make some changes to your design. Would it be possible for you to send me the original .step files (or another CAD format) or upload them here so that I can edit them more easily?
Many greetings

Hi, I made them on tinkercad and exported them straight to Cults. I don't think tinkercad makes any other file types. That's all I have. What are you changes, what is the foot print of the R9? Perhaps I could make the changes for you.....

Yes will do

Yes will do

Can you put seperate files for each part

Yes will do

I dont know about the cheap shot device.

Cobra Amos super strong single knoc added as requested


first thank you for your Nock Model.

Can you please upload a Version where is just one of the Nocks? I have to Config my Cura Options to find the best for the Nock
and i dont want to Print every Time so many of them :)

I like your Adder magazines. Do you, by chance, know if they will fit the cold steel cheap shot?

New knoc with re-enforced steel pin and a new Cobra Amos with a fast reload clip.

Have fun and be careful as there is a lot of power in the Cobra. My first arrow broke the knoc, adding a steel pin fixed this and made it safer.