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Hello, are these for strictly personal use or business use a possibility?

Would you be willing to sell these as a bundle? Do you make models for 7in figures (McFarlane size)?

I honestly intended to have the whole Core Collection as a bundle looong ago. You've given me a nudge so I will try to get it back on my list.

As for 7 inch, theoretically you should be able to increase the scale of these models and print them for a larger scale figure. I have only done this with one, but I made a BFG based on Cable's weapon in Deadpool 2 and the first one I printed was too small (fit regular sized Marvel Legends) then I bumped up the scale and it fit perfectly for the beefier Marvel Legends and McFarlane figures. I took a look at the models and the smaller one was 86mm and the larger was 100mm. So that is roughly 1.17x the size.

My resin printer has been out of commission for some time as well, but I am hopefully getting a part in this weekend and if so I will print something at 1.17x scale and see how it works. I took some photos but seem unable to share them here (using the McFarlane Deathstroke). If you want to see them or see how that experiment goes you are welcome to email me at actionfigureforge@gmail.com or follow me on instagram (same name there)

I'm not sure if you get a notice or anything but I finally got all the weapons in one bundle. It's 47 models (supported and unsupported versions of most) for 35 bucks. Should be everything you need to equip an army of figures with modern weaponry. Thanks for giving me the push. If you want to shoot me another email, or if I can find out last exchange I will send you the BFG model as well. Have a good day.

Hi I just purchased the shotgun pack, I don't see the supported file for the larger shotgun, can you please send me the model of the supported model please? it would be the supported file version for Shotgun Core Deluxe - MOD.stl

my email address is donlangley@gmail.com, you should be able to verify my order that way too.

do you sell any other gun 3d models

I have a few models that aren't posted here. Are you looking for something specific?

I’m really looking for a nice Tech-9 model, but interested in other gun models you might have for 1:12 size