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Hey if I wanted a model made by you how much would it cost?

Of course I can do it, to give you the value of the commission I need more details of the design you want, you can send me your references or drawings to my Instagram: @zenbrush3dx

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Sure. I can send you a few pictures of course. I send them your way now just let me know the price range for a few different types I send you please

Greetings, i would like to know how many parts is the Ornstein model. Theres only beauty shots of the figure so i want to know that before buying.
I would suggest that you upload that detail for your creations, it's useful.

Also, i want to join your Patreon but it's pretty much new right? I'm asking because you have 2 updates there.

hello - it has 15 pieces and also the complete body in one piece

Yes My Patreon is still New but it is active

there I am offering discounts especially for monthly releases

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Great. I'm gonna think about the Patreon. Are you uploading old models for example there?

Each separate color to assemble later?
Multi color with each color printed separately for later assembly??

Hi, what 3D model are you referring to?


If the three models are in separate pieces, gloves, body, head, feet, base

Multi color with each color printed separately for later assembly??

I have downloaded this file on multiple computers and keep getting "invalid file" when trying to open it. I have downloaded multiple files form Cults 3d and have not had this problem.

hello, could you send screenshots of the error because that file has been downloaded by some more people and they had no problems so the error is not my part... but let me see the error that you supposedly get when downloading

you get invalid file when unzipping the file in your documents? if so use Winrar or some other for ZiP format friend

Ciao scusami di nuovo. Sto stampando hiroshi con la stampante a resina, ho visto che il pezzo è molto sottile e vuoto. È possibile avere il file pieno a tutto spessore? Grazie

Ciao, potresti inviarmi foto del problema alla mia e-mail?

Non capisco quale parte o pezzo intendi

Ciao questa mattina ho acquistato la tua moto di hyroshi il manubrio mi fa errore non lo vede cosa devo fare? Mi puoi correggere e rimandare il file? Grazie

hello friend, yes I already checked and the corrected file is already uploaded

Quindi basta che riscarico i file? Ci possiamo sentire in privato?

hola, ¿no esta disponible para imprimirla y venderla?


How are you? I would like to download the King Ghidorah KOTM in separate pieces. So if you could send the link that would be great. Thank you.

hello, the design brings separate pieces or full body ready in different sizes, you can buy it here from my cults3d profile. Thank you

Hello my friend, bought the last version of your darkrai, can you send me this version with the updates?

Sure, check the mail and I sent you the update

Hola la tengo en pose volando luego subire fotos o te envio a algun lugar

tendras algun correo o face para mostrarte la foto de la pose que quiero ?

Buenas Tardes ZENBRUSH. me gustaria encargarle algunos modelos 3d de esa epoca. Fantasmagorico,Centella,Supermagnetron,El vengador,El gladiador entre otros. Me puede contactar en Instagram como sosamarianoluinys.

claro, te contacto por tu instagram

Hi there! i bought your Lucario Design but i would like to print him in one piece! Could you share a One piece Lucario with me without the base?
Thank you in advance!

hello, the files already include it, check the updates

Also the torso of the hands has an anchoring problem, it does not have the hole

hi, bugs in that layout are fixed, check out the updates

Hello Brother how are you? I wanted to tell you that Levi's torso does not have the union that goes to the legs, could you solve it? Please stay tuned

hi, bugs in that layout are fixed, check out the updates