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pas de probleme, merci par avance

Hi i finally found the files and have uploaded them again.. thanks for your patience and understanding

je viens de vous acheter le modele papillon et je pensait que les ailes a imprimer etait dans le modele, mais ce n'est pas le cas ! avez vous un gabarit deja pret ? sinon ça ne sert a rien........... surtout vu le prix !!!!!

Oh sorry, I thought I had uploaded a printable PDF... I'll find it and upload it.will let you know when iha e done it. Sorry am away camping at the moment so don't have access to the original files

Can I sell the physical print of this?

of the foldable mask

Yes you may.. thank you for asking

Thank you very much. As a token of appreciation, I will give you a small royalty per sale. It will be through donation.

hola buenas, te hablo en referencia a la mascara del juego del calamar, me gustaria saber el tiempo total de impresion que tiene el archivo

Hi it total depends on the material and your printer.. but it would take approximately between 16-24hrs of print time I believe.

Hi thank you for the wonderful squid game mask,i would like to know how to prevent the lower mask from wiggling is there a way to extend the groove on the upper mask to prevent it from wiggling?i only know how to use tinkercard thats why i cannot edit the file from there. Thanks a lot!

Hi just released V2.. and it has abit of a longer piece where it fits the groove that would reduce the wiggle you mention. Also there is a different version stopper you can try.

Great thanks a lot! Will check the file now.

actually give me a few hours.. i been thinking about your comments and seeing if i can model it to make it more stable.. will let you know when the file is ready

HI there i just uploaded an updated version version 2.1.. what i did was extended the guide geometry on the top mask that fits to the bottom.. I think the additional length of the guide would assist in reducing the problem you mentioned.

Thank you for the feedback.

Hi. So good model.
How much time take the printing?

From memory it took maybe about 18hrs to print

Hi, sorry but per the product description in print settings the design was originally designed to be printed on a SLS machine using Nylon.

You can print with a dual extruder with PVA supports. But it is not designed to be printed with single extruder.

Thanks for letting me know

Hi, ive purchased the sacred hexagon ring. fairly new to 3d printing, ive tried to print with and without supports and cannot get a good print. any suggestions for getting it to print well? With supports the inside is full of material, without supports there is stringing. Any suggestions appreciated.


I am an artist working on a remix- and collage-3D-artwork involving scenarios to re-imagining 3d printing - I am also working with the scenario proposed by the Economist Magazine cover your model is referring to, and so I would like to use and alter your model "BRETT RYDER'S THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" for this - would you agree with this? The artwork will be published online, it will probably be 3d printed, and it is also possible that it might be sold.
Thank you very much, best, Fabian

Yah sure

hi we love your planter, shall we print it as a commercial?