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Glorious work, my friend! thank you.

Hello mr or mrs UDOS3DWORLD.
So I am brand spanking new to Warhammer. I’m still learning all the miniatures and armies and what not and I’m still trying to pick out one. But I’m thinking to keep it simple and play space marines. I wanted to ask which faction are these guys based off of?

Are you really sure you want to play space marines? Everyone has them and they're quite boring (they're much cooler in the books). Why not go with something cool like orks? Or tyranids, necrons, tau? I have a lot of orkish stuff (but also really a lot of things that you could use to proxy space marines, my space soldiers should fit well there).

Oh I see what you mean. I guess what I would like to do is try to download as many as I can and then look up thru the codex’s and see how they all play out. Sound mind trying out multiple different play styles and armies. But I just would like to try to find out if these space marines are those orks you have are a certain fraction so I can do it properly.? Thanks alot

I don't understand your question. What do you mean by faction? Like Space Marine Chapters? In my opinion, factions are stuff like space marines, humand, eldar, orks, ... I mainly play and design for Grimdark Future from OnePageRules, so I'm not so familiar with the 40k terms but in my opinion, every faction in Grimdark Future has a representation in 40k.

Hello . I stumbled across your stuff and im just ecstatic , you've included ALOT of what I need to turn my deathmarks/immortals into deathmarks AND immortals :)

One think I'm looking for is a replacement torso or torso front hald for triarch praetorians, so that I can get all 20 models out of the lychguard/praetorian box as well :)

Hey! I'm sorry but currently I don't have these models available. Maybe, if you find some good models out there, I'd be able to remix them so you can use them in the customizer?

Hi! Can you upload a version of the goblins with the base atatched, please?

Hey! Unfortunately, I don't have those models as one and can only offer the bases separately, check my profile for the bases.

Hello, do you have any of the space soldiers without the shoulder pads? Thank you very much for your time.

Hey! I have this big collection with blank shoulder pads, or the single parts so you could glue them together. Or you become a patron and use my customizer to create exactly the models you want. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/space-soldiers-whole-army-without-markings https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/libraries-for-my-3d-model-customizer

Hey, I'm a big fan of your work and today I saw on my news page that you had uploaded some kind of admech models however when I tried to access them they would not open. If you know what this is could you let me know. Thanks

Did I? Are you sure? I can't see any published design for them on my designs. Maybe it's a problem with cults and they already know what designs I did prepare (and already did upload but not yet publish)? Anyhow - I'd suggest you wait until tomorrow and then there might be something that might have something todo with toasters or something.

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Thanks, can't wait!

And? :-) Satisfied? Two more releases of them are planned for march

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Amazing! Until now, stationforge was the only designer with worth while toster bots!

Hello, I love your work and I am a subscriber on Patreon. Please, the Chaos Torsos are hollow, they have voids inside which traps uncured resin. I had to throw away a lot of models I made because of this. Please, can you fill the gaps in the models? Or tell me how to do it? Currently I am using UVTools to solidify but that causes other parts of the models to be filled, eg where the head / neck of the marines should go. Thanks so much for your work, I hope you can make it even better!

Hi! I'm really sorry about this - the models I used there are remixed from existing designs so I did not design them. I just checked and they are indeed hollow. My tool of choice for this is blender. You can either load in your models there and remesh them manually OOOOOOR you could connect blender in the customizer and when exporting your models you can check the "remesh" option, that makes your models into a solid mesh that should hopefully not have any holes inside. Oh and I found a bug in my tool with the remeshing, you cannot access the full options there currently. Update will be up soon (hopefully) - i'll let you know

oh... that doesn't fix it, it keeps the holes on the inside, that's bad... let me check that

I checked and the model itself seems to be built really bad, consisting of many hollow layers. Maybe blender can help you there? https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/2.80/modeling/meshes/editing/cleanup.html
Personally, I use clear resin, so when there is resin trapped on the inside it should be ured during the uv hardening process. Sorry that I could not help you any better...

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Thank you so much for replying, I'm looking forward to hearing more!

I looked for the original sculptor but I can't find them. Please do you know who they are? I will try to contact them. Thank you.

The "Weapon_wh_Flamer" file in the HEAVY ATTACK WALKER LIBRARY FOR UDO'S CUSTOMIZER has a huge chunk of it missing from the inside which is making it impossible to print.

Adapted :-)

Cool ! I already have an 3d printed ork army that you designed! your designs are awesome, keep going mate!

I love your models!!! just wondering if you had a mk6 space soldier library. I'm looking for a bit more customization

I only have this https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/remix-of-mk6-shoulders-to-fit-the-customizer plus some legs in the good and evil library


I guess I should be more specific in that I was looking for a beakie helmet.

Beakies are in good and default, both are here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/libraries-for-my-3d-model-customizer

Thanks! keep up the good work

No te preocupes, tiraré de ingenio. Muchas gracias 👍🏽

Hola¡¡¡ Me encantan tus modelos, y estoy buscando armas pesadas y de asalto para tus modelos Heavy Primes. ¿Me podrias decir si tienes, o si hay algun archivo compatible? Muchas gracias.

Desafortunadamente, actualmente solo existen los modelos que están en la heavy prime library

The video link ypu have to showcase the creation tool is private, is there another way to see?

I'm sorry, which video?

SCIFI GOTHIC TERRAIN LIBRARY about these files there is only a right or left side of the building you cant make a turn. like you cant make a corner or the windows are on the other side if you know what i mean{if i print them seperatly}. is there a possibility you can fix that with a file i will donate if you can can fix that ^^. the print is fabulous btw.

Another interpretation: A concave building? In the current terrain generator, that is not possible since that only can output a rectangular building facing outwards. You could load my designs in meshmixer, though, and separate them, the parts should be different meshes, then you can move them onto each other to create what you need

its more that when i check the files on my elegoo it is showing only 1 side of the building not a L or U shape. if you have a corner wall it will only fit on the right side {depends on the angle how you hold it} but if i want to go for a L shape then the windows are on the inside of the building instead of outside.{when i do them seperatly i can only make the front wall and a bit side wall but no corners will fit because they only meant to be on the right thats what the file says}

can't you just mirror the file in your slicer?

good day, may I ask if you plan to make the models part by part in advance, thank you for the answer

Sorry, I don't really understand your inquiry... Do you want me to publish the models split into different parts for easier printing?

First off, the work you have done is amazing. I just recently discovered your customizer, and think it's awesome. I've been looking everywhere to be able to create my own custom Space Soldier for Kill Team, but I haven't been able to find anyone that has an auxiliary grenade launcher. I've been looking through the libraries and haven't seen one. Did you ever create one and I just missed it.
This is the closest thing that I found for what I'm trying to do. Would I be able to add this to your customizer without issues? I've been messing with blender trying to figure it, with very little progress.
Thank you for your time.

No, i dont have a grenade launcher yet. Adding it would be really easy. You need to place the weapon at 0/0/0, and you can load a reference weapon from my Space soldiers - default library, to see where exactly it has to be. Then, you can use any ArmB_wo file with this new weapon. Make sure to name the weapon stl file as Weapo wo... so the tool recognizes it correctly. Alternatovel,you can take an ArmB_ww file, remove the old weapon and place the new one in there, and save it again as a ArmB_ww_ file.

Appreciate your time, hopefully I'll be able to figure it out.

A builder full of "Edge Lords" would be AMAZING!!

Hmm there are some knights in the medieval libraries and for the bat lords, there is a library here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/remix-bat-lord-bits-for-udo-s-customizer

thanks man!! I love your stuff and the libraries are awesome!! Ill put up some pics of painted prints after i have some finished

Hey Udo, love your models! They’ve proven rather useful! I hate to be one of those people I’m sure is always requesting models, but… I have one. Do you think it would be possible for you to make some heads for your Normal Soldiers to turn them into… Denim-Thief Followers, we’ll say? It would be very appreciated.

Well, without people requesting stuff, how should I know what all of you need? I tried to look for heads for the robbers of jeans here on cults, but I did not find anything unfortunately. I'm sorry that I can not make you happy. Probably these heads are also fine for you? https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/chaos-space-soldier-heads-remixed-for-udo-s-customizer

Not exactly what I’m looking for, but the help is appreciated. Plus, who knows? Maybe they look better printed out. I’ll have to try it out. Thanks!

Hello,can your space solider customizer make a leader for your space soliders

Hi! Sure thing, you can move the model in a heroic pose, select the most heroic looking models and even decorate it later with some purity seals or something. It mainly depends on how yoir hero should look like and what parts you need. You can check this big overview here to check all the available libraries: https://www.udos3dworld.com/customizer.html

hey man, I have downloaded a tonne of your files and they are awesome, after using different files from different sources I ended up with different scale figures, so I decided to go for your full army, this turned out great as I'm making an iron hands army, the only issue I face is the lack of photos making it difficult to identify the files, perchance you wouldn't happen to have them would you, I've screen shot and paste a few but it will take an age to do it for the whole army lol

also i am interested in the builder but to be honest Ive never subscribed to a patreon or anything so I'm uncertain as to what score is, thank you for your time and amazing files

Hey, i unfortunately dont uave an overview ready I could send you, but the squads are oriented a bit from the Clan raukaan organisation in wrath of iron, of the space Marines battles books. I'm also quite ill right now so I'm not able to prepare an overview here...

About the customizer: thats a tool that allows you to mix together miniatures from given libraries (currently, more than 2000 models are available, all the libraries are listed here: https://www.udos3dworld.com/customizer.html ), and give them an individual pose. If you subscribe to my patreon, you get access to the tool as long as youre subscribed. Take care: the customizer is only available for windows

Hey Udo! Did you make a big space bug with both of his legs on the ground? Just trying to make it more stable when I do print this bad boy, one leg up might be tough and fragile.

The problem is that the big boy is from a kit where the whole body is one piece, so I cannot change the legs. What would be possible is to take one of the smaller bodies and make it bigger


I love your designs and have been very impressed with the level of detail but I was wondering if you had any Heavie models without the Ultra logo? I was hoping for some plane ones.


What models were you exactly talking about? I don't think I had some models with the ultra logo in the last weeks published, maybe you can put a link so I can check it.

Hello, thanks for the sharing of the "Prime Assaults Soldiers".
I want to try a first print of this set before using your customizer.
I notice that the models are too big.
By which factor do you recommend to reduce them to have a standard size ?

Hey! I do not have a comparison so I'd suggest testprints. Usually, to fit other models, they can be scaled down to 85-95%, although I like the size since they're larger than normal human beings, as it should be. About the customizer: I will soon publish a small demo of the customizer (allowing you to customizer a standard unit with 2-3 different weapons), so if you wait two more weeks you can try this out, too, before subscribing!

OK, i'll go for a test print and compare to an old warhammer figurine.
PS : At your patreon page, I'm not sure to understand your subscription model. First month I subscribe I can install your tool, a key, and all the librairies. Then, I have to be always subscribing the following month to use it ? Or just for updates of the tool and librairies ?
(for exemple I'm patreon of "the printing goes ever on" which has a customizer and monthly models release.)

So model works that you get an acces key for the customizer every month and without that key, you cannot run the customizer. The key os only valid for one month. Libraries are not part of the patreon, but available for free, since every designer out there can create libraries

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I've printed these Necrons with the super skinny ankles and wrists before, and they are far too fragile. If possible, beef up the ankles / legs and wrists a bit or you are going to have a lot of breakage.

Yeah, that is a quite weak point for them, on the other hand making those parts thicker would (in my opinion) have a bad influence on the final result. Maybe you can add a small offset while printing? (e.g. in Meshmixer, using "Maker Solid")