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I have recently bought your greenhouse mason jar model and I really like it and was wondering if there was a way this I could get a commercial licensee for the model if that would be possible please let me know as soon as possible

Thank you,

I would like to purchase this product from you.
Please tell me the cost of the license for commercial use as well.
Also, could you provide the CAD file?

Hello. I'd like to discuss the possibility of a commercial use licence for one of your paid models. Can you please reach out to me?


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I really like the designs of the free models of your table collection to be used in a restaurant.
Can you please let me know what would be the price for commercial use of your 3D models?

Dear Uauproject,

I really like the BOWL SET - TABLE7 COLLECTION you've created. I really would like to print the file and make great pictures of it for my instagram page (Filtom3D). I also would like to use the pictures I made for marketting purposes, would you be ok with that? I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Hey! I downloaded your besutiful
Model, but wheb i try to print it, cura shows me The model as it was fully filled. Not as a pot but as a solid mass. What can i do? Thanks!

Hey guys,

we are looking for someone that can make up designs for us on an ongoing basis. We are a small family business in Australia specialising in hand dyed yarn and accessories, and we have a few ideas of yarn related items we would like to 3D print.

Would you be interested in helping us out with the design so we can buy them directly from you? And if so how much would we be looking at per design?

I can email a few pictures of what we have in mind to start with.



Hi! What kind of filament do you use? I love how matte it is.

Thanks for the beautiful designs!

I am Alex, the employee of social networks of a website selling 3D printing material (filament2print.com). We would like to know if we can use any of their models, always mentioning their social networks and the link of their profile.

Best Regards,
Alejandro Iglesias