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Hi there trying to assemble the curved jewelry box you designed how does it go together? I have it machines in aluminium , can’t understand why the sim gear is thicker than planet gears or where every component goes thanks

Hi,refer to this video,maybe you can get some idea. the 3d model is designed for 3d printing, and is youmanufacture part with cnc machines,i think maybe you need to do more work. thanks :)

That’s amazing thank you , answers all my questions, the explodes diagram is a great help ! All the best


I find a cage that opens from the top. but if I make it longer before prints, is it going to affect the lock hole?


hi,which model? i am not sure before i see the model :)

if you rescale it,usually it should affect the hole.but sometimes you can make some hand work after printing

Hi. This is very good for me (3DP5BLROD30A) but it is inner mode. Have you got outer mode ?

hi,i don't have outer mode now. can you show me a simple sketch about the "outer mode",because i am not sure how you plan to use it :)

What are the dimensions of this product? like 3DP5BLROD30A dimensions

there is an image that includes dimensions :)

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Hi Tanerxun! I'm wondering if I can pay you for a custom model of your Rotating Mechanical Iris Bar Style. Right now the inner hole is 100mm and I'm looking for somthing a bit smaller... like 76mm. Is that something you'd be willing/able to help me with? Thanks!

Or do you have an iris already with an inner diameter of 76mm?

Hey thanks for such a quick answer! Design number 723112 works dimension wise, but I really prefer the circular iris look. If you can't make a custom sized one, I understand.

i think i should have another design have not upload. i will check that and reply asap :)

amazing! thank you so much!!

check this one. you can change the inner diameter to 76mm by yourself :)

that's perfect! Thank you so much! Last question: what material do you recommend using to print/laser cut and make this out of?

if 3d print, resin is the prefered material; if laser cut,many materials can be used,but because parts will be rough,maybe you need to make more hand work

hi,you cannot scale the models. and sorry,i don't sell physical product until now. And what problem you have now? maybe i can give a hand. thanks :)

Hi. I understand. But can you please include in the download the whole, assembled model? You have it in the preview. Having parts separately doesn't help. Please, please, please.

ok.update the attachment just now. you can redownload the files again. if you have issue to do that, let me know.thanks :)

Great!! I re-downloaded it but it's old content. Do I need to re-purchase it?

no. don't re-purchase it. you don't need to pay again.I checked the files, it has been uploaded, a STEP format file.the file name is : "shutter mechanism-Hexagon6 blades.step". you can try again. if still have issue,you can download the file here too: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1901Q1KsGFhZ-kKtxgsrv47kNbWbfXO0v/view?usp=share_link

Hi, and thanks for a quick answer, its the model called: SL4BLSH80A-Laser Cut Square Hole Sliding Iris Diaphragm. all the best :)

Hi, i paid and downloaded your file but there is only one stl file and its only 1kb size. can you update it or send me the other files?
all the best. Thanks

which model do you bought?i will check that model asap. thanks :)

Hi,i checked the files again. step format files are included. If what you got is .TXT format, you can change it to .STEP format.it will be ok(usually this should be caused by the transfer process,i had similar problem sometimes too). you can have a try,if you still have issue,send me your email please,i will send STEP file by email(but maybe you have the same issue after getting the files). thanks :)

and ignore the stl file you have got :)

hi, i still cant make it work. Also, the other models i got from you, there are multible files for pins, blades ect. here there are just 4 in total? i was hoping you could make the parts in individual files? stl format if you have the time. thanks :D - f you need my Email: michaelmolver at hotmail dot com - all the best

I've printed off the IRIS-2 LEAF-D130D43 but am having some issues putting it together. Can you supply a detailed visual of the assembly? Scratching my head on the washers and circle washer. Thanks.

there has been an image to show you how to assemble the parts together,check again :)