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Are you going to make the GLAMOROUS DIORAMA series a combo purchase at any point? I really like all the models. I would like to purchase them all as a package deal.

Hi my name is Donnie and I want to ask if you can do custom models here's a way to contact me donniel2016@gmail.com

We do custom models, but it's a very conditional situation, we don't do fanart and we try to keep within certain creative realms, also anything we produce must be something that can be sold on our stores. And to be transparent with cost, the average prices for a production cycle range from $300 to $500+ depending on style and complexity. This information will be repeated in an email, but is posted here for other potential customers.

and maybe you can make the legs separately for the PIRATE DOUBLE TROUBLE PINUP DUET at Brandi ?? so with connecting pieces so that I can print them bigger ?? thanks

Slicing this model might be a little bit of a challenge for multiple reasons, and since we generally slice models for painting ease, this request probably won't happen.

Hi there is also a NSFW version of your two new characters in the jack o pose?

There will be! We're waiting on getting proper renders and captures before the full collection is released.

ok Thank !!!then I'll wait before I buy them ^^

Your tagging is inaccurate. Not every model needs to be tagging with every property you could think of. Not a single model you have represents all the tags you have given them. It is obnoxious as you just clutter up every search with all your models many of which have nothing to do with the specific search.

Welcome to Cults3D, where the search system is a cluster and exposure is the name of the game. The game models we release are meant to be used as proxies for any game system one wishes to use, and we're using the recommended tagging methods. If you don't like, sorry.

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The combo that you uploaded is exactly what I was looking for. Just a way to get them as a group/for a group cost. Thanks a ton for the awesome art!