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Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website. We would mark you as an author under the picture.

Hi, i would like to custom the pick with my signature, but im not sure about if i can modify the file... and sorry for my english... :) Would it be possible?

Hi, like your designs.

I run https://www.commissionit.co.uk, can i sell your designs and pay you 10% commission on every sale? Half our profits support society. Do you also take commissions to order ? If so please let me know my email is info@commissionit.com

All the best

Amin Saleem

Hello RubixDesign, we would be interested in getting a customized version of your lovely KeyChain. Could you contact me - david.houssemand@gmail.com

Really like your designs. Interested in doing some custom paid stuff?

Do you take requests? Looking for a good low poly French Bulldog, but haven't found one what works well.



I want to know if you permit me to download your polly skull design, blend join it to a picture frame I made in Solidworks, and 3d print it, with intention to sell it to as many of my friends as I can. I can send you money for the rights to it if you want (50$)?. I will not do this (sell my product that incorporates your skull) without your permission. I know it's free to download but It's because I hope to make a little bit of spending money with it that I want to check with you first. I love your design style by the way. This skull is so cool. I found others that are royalty free but yours is the one I like the most.

Thank you for your time.
You can contact me at: