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Hi do you still have shovels or know some enthusiast that have them?

Hey, was wondering how to find your keyless hijacking and smaller versions these days?

Hi ! Is there a place to find your shovel enthusiast heavy and long artillery and the crew?

Do you still have your shovel enthusiasts transport, because i wanted to download it and it isnt there anymore

Hi i read in the discord group you have a assault claw model but i cant see it… has it been removed??


Hello Rick, it seems your KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM FOR SPACESHIP HIJACKING file cannot be downloaded at the moment!
Could you please check?

heya, might've seen something about a certain tank for a certain technology focused taghmatic kinda "legion heretic era" tank'ish thingie called a kinda kri'ish thingie that you may/may not have been working on some time ago? was just wondering what happened with that project? Am very interested in it :)

Love all your dedication to the shovel enthusiasts, always been a favorite of mine and a desire of mine to get collected ^ _^

Keep up the amazing work ^_^

Hi there, Do you plan to make a 90mm version of your killzone bases at all? Thanks!

i saw your instagram post about VMT floor tiles. i was thinking about how many it would take for a full size table for 40k, and then i realized that the edge floor tiles would need to be resized for the 44 inch dimension. just something to think about. man it blows my mind to think what a full table will look like when i put all my sinister cities stuff on those floor tiles! whew! thanks again and keep up the good work my friend!

just wanted to know if you had a none supported file for the dread claw. mainly the Fins_x5

Heyo, do you happen to have supported files for your breaching drill? Im still new to the whole printing scene and have been struggling with supports on my anycubic photon S

Cheers and thank you for bringing us these gifts.

did you have a smaller version of the Keyless entry hijacking craft?

Hey I really like your shovel enthusiasts medusa artillery crew models. I'd like to print them but when I download the file it unzips as a .rar file and imunable to do anything with it from there. are you able to offer stl files?

Did you take orders for 3d design ?

DKoK fan too :)

I was actually thinking of paying someone on fiverr to model this so we could get one for our game store. this is glorious sir, absolutely glorious. I have a resin printer and this is going on it.