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I have been looking at your creations and they look fantastic. In view of the new Warlord Waterloo Epic figures being released in January 2022 (13mm) would there be a possibility you could create Seperate head sprues for Brunswick, Dutch and Nassau, so that the Epic figures could be converted? Many thanks

Hey there. Been looking at your models, seriously considering picking up some once my printer is set up and ready. I tried connecting to your Patreon but all I get is a message "this person isn't supporting any creators", it doesn't show any content by you.


Unfortunately I’ve had to stop activities on Patreon as I no longer have any time to make regular releases.

Though everything’s still available through sites such as Cults 3D and the Red Dawn 3D miniatures site.

Hope this answers you question.
Red Dawn 3D Miniatures.

Hi David,

Apologise for the late reply.

Sure as long as you’ll credit us.

Only thing is due to the multi part nature of the models (separate heads, arms and torsos) I’m not sure how well they’ll rig and animate together.

Though if you want I can put one together for you and send it as an OBJ if you’d like 👍🏻.


Red Dawn 3D Miniatures.

hi there, i'm looking for static 3d models for an animation I'm making showing ww2/historical dispositions around the Kokoda battlefield. Can I use the model for this sort of use?

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