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Hi Dear Creator,
I'd like to purchase your ronaldinho Bust, I see that it's 5cm High and can be scaled , I need to print it at 25cm high . Will the details be OK at this scale ? Thanks for your answer.


Yes, I think it will be absolutely fine at 25 cm high.

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Thank you i'll purchase it now .

Indeed , it scale up perfectly . Good Work ! Now let's wait 5 days for the print to finish ;)

That's a long print :) Good luck!

Thanks , I'll send result pictures ;)

Hi, I purchased your ghostface bust. Any tips for printing? I want to scale it so its about 1ft tall. Do you think I should print it upright? or laying flat? should I use supports? I am pretty new to printing, so any tips are appreciated. Figured I'd ask before wasting too much filament haha

Hi, I am printing on Anycubic so the slicer gets me needed support, I would definitely bend it towards the back or even lay it flat on the back.


Can I use purchase your 3d model and make a product to sell from the design? I only want to sell the product I make from your design and not sell the design

No problem, you are allowed to sell 3D prints.

Hello sir, love your work, big fan.
I've got an idea for a bust (two persons, really), you'll crack the market with that.
I'd be happy to purchase the models.
Would you contact me or write your contacts here?
thanks! kind regards
treno at tuta. io

Hi! :) Am i able to use these if I purchase and sell? I am unsure of the rules. If not, am I able to pay you to do a custom design? Thank you!

Hi, Yes, as long as you are selling 3D printed version and not reselling 3D model.

Is there a way to contact you for a custom bust project?

I was wondering if you would entertain the idea of selling me a couple of your models a little cheaper as a package deal, I was going to offer $20 for JFK and Richard Nixon. I don't have a lot of income right now, but really want to use these in a project?

Hi, No problem, I repriced them for you. They should be around $20 for both

Hi, I am interested in buying the shiba inu head and modify it into a product. Is this allowed?

Hi, As long as you are not reselling 3D model that is fine to sell 3D prints of my model

Hello, I am considering to buy your sylvester stallone as rocky balboa bust.
But the description is not telling that a print ready STL file is included.

Thanks for your reply and comments.

Hi, yes there is 3D print ready stl file included. No worries :)

I am having trouble printing your Harry Styles Bust. What are your recommended settings. I use an Artillery SW X1. chukcush@gmail.com

Hi, I am printing with resin on Anycubic Photon, so I am afraid I can't help you with the settings because I am not very familiar with filament printing. Hope you have manged to sort this out.

Hello PrintedReality.
I represent a movie and tv prop house in NYC and I would like to ask about a possible commission.
I have a client who needs a 3d sculpt of Peyton Manning's face for a product they wish to prototype.
It is not his entire head, just his face with a specific expression. Judging by your work, I think you
would be a great candidate to capture Peyton's likeness. Please contact me if you are interested
in this project. We often have a need for work like this so we may also reach out in the future.

Thank You,

Bonjour, est il possible de doubler la taille du pitbull et d’avoir le fichier en step pour réaliser par usinage en aluminium ?

You have head lana del rey y.

Bonjour je souhaiterai prendre contact avec vous pour une possible commercialisation de vos modeles
je suis joignable à l'adresse suivante:pierrefontaine72000@gmail.com

Bien cordialement

Hello, 3D printing company in Martinique.
Is it possible for you to make me a bust from photos?
Project of a married couple
Your achievements are very beautiful, good quality.
We look forward to discussing certain projects with you.

Bonjour, Société d'impression 3D en Martinique.
Vous est il possible de me réaliser un buste à partir de photos ?
Projet d'un couple de mariés
Vos réalisations sont de très belle, bonne qualité.
Au plaisir d'échanger avec vous pour certains projets.


Does your coronavirus stl include a commercial license? As in, if I wanted to print it and sell the final product (not the file)


You do amazing work! Are you planning to do more characters from the show Supernatural? I love the Dean Winchester, but would want at least a Sam to go with him. Would also be interested in Doctor Who characters, if you've considered it.

Hello, you do fantastic work!
Is it possible to modify designs at all? For example, use Daniel Craig 007 Bond head on full suited body sculpture like the Brad Pitt Sculpture? Is it possible to change full body from suit to tuxedo? (tie to bowtie essentially).
I'll look forward to hearing from you. Tim@brandlift.us.com

Hi!!!! I downloaded ur files for Michael jordan..i have done it soooooo many times on my 3d printers but i can't get him correctly yet. I need ur email to sent me some files please. Contact me at kreativetheory.ca@gmail.com

Can I get your email for communications in some upcoming projects.


Could you make me a 3d model of Kareem Abdul jabbar

Hola haces Bustos de personas a través de una foto? O q necesitas q te mande para q me hagas un busto de mi hijo por ejemplo

Hello, I like your work! Can you design a 3D model (.stl or .obj) of the bust of Michael Scott screaming "I declare Banrupcy". How much would it cost? solyi1985@gmail.com

Hello, I like your work! Can you design a 3D model (.stl or .obj) of the bust of Michael Scott screaming "I declare Banrupcy". How much would it cost? solyi1985@gmail.com