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why does this file look flat on top when i put them in prusa slicer? images show contour to put soil and plants in ?

for make hole on the top, please use vase mode... set top layer at 0, and fill 0

Thanks for the reply. I dono why it's capping my file or what but I'm a bit new to prusa and I like their slicer. I'll address tat community specifically. Love the files. Can't wait to get some out in the community

I just bought your 3 body pots stl. I downloaded them and put them in cura. After slicing, there is something weird on one of the models... I have it set up with no infill or top layers but there is like stray lines that will collapse if I print them as is... Please help, here are pictures of what I'm talking about.
https://flic.kr/p/2ms6Y3q https://flic.kr/p/2ms6ZCE

can try to add layer height or add wall line count..if it doesn't work I think it's no problem, it will make some hairy in the top and easy to remove.

i just purchase a plant pot from you but the model its all solid without the hole.

tempted to purchase your designs but i bought one and it is solid. sorry, but really dont wanna waste money. let me know when this is fixed.

hey there! i bought your pack of 3 big booty planers. it keeps trying to print it with infill even though i did no support

Hello, I just bought the 3 woman pots but these come solid, can you fix it please

I bought the booty and boobs planter but when I open them I noticed that they were solid models and not hollow and able to be used as a planter. Is there a different file for those?

Hi, please setup your print used vase mode.. don't used infill and top layer.. just used wall and bottom layer. if still can't work I'll send the hollow version soon.. thanks

Hi there, I purchased your woman torso planter but am having a lot of trouble making it hollow, is there something I am missing? I use flash forge 3D printer?

Hi! I ordered the woman-body-pot-planter-2 but it appears the model is solid and not hollow. Is there a hollow one to use as a planter?

Paid for and downloaded the female plant holder. except it is full infill no spot for a plant. Where is the correct file? Why would you post a picture with it being able to hold a plant inside and it not have a hollow??

Hey! I’m just writing to you today to know if i would be allowed to print and sell these models on my website? If there is an option to be able to use these for commercial use please let me know as these would fit so well with my business thank you :)

Hi Stefania, I'm already selling them in etsy. Thank you for the offering but sorry please do not sell them on etsy. Thank you.

Dear Sir,
We are based in Italy and we are interested in your low poly dinosaurs cactus pot planter collection. We would like to buy them to be able to print and sell them on Etsy where we have a shop for 3D printed items,Skipdesign3D.
We can add your name as the owner of the copyright and will not in any way mass-produce them, please let us know if it is possible or not. Thank you a lot,
Stefania De Corrado e Andrea Maiarelli

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