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Hi there, looks awesome, thanks for your design. With a few upgrades like quality of pegs and strings of course, along with accurate positioning of parts it definitely can be played, thanks again.

Hey, are you cool if I wanted to sell your Fallout 4 models on Etsy? Will credit you.

Hi, if the model is marked as creative commons you may sell the models as long as you provide a link to the source somewhere in your listing. Note that not all of my models are creative commons though, so you will need to check the specific model.

Hello "Piggie"

Aloha from Hawaii!

My name is Phil and I am a musician. I will be releasing a song in the next several weeks and I am formally requesting permission to use your photograph as the cover for my single. The picture is the red rocket model Missile

Will you kindly respond and let me know if permission has been granted as I do not want to infringe upon any rights or copyright entitlements.

My email address is beetlejuice321@aol.com
Please contact me there directly at your convenience.



Hi Giulia, I sent you an email

I hope I am not bothering you with this message. My name is Giulia. I run a small Etsy shop (Vintagegarden mini) of flowers and plants for dollhouses. Since I make everything by hand my production is always very limited. So I would like to ask you if you are interested in designing a small collection of items (such as jars, jugs, pots) for my shop. I don't know if this is the right way to contact, but I was amazed by your creations, especially that cute sugar pot.
I leave you my email, just in case zaffirogiulia11@gmail.com
Thank you