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Are the Ravener pre supportet?

No (

Hello! I love your Sisters Dice, Would you be able to make an Ork Set so my Husband and I can have a matching set? :)
Thank you!

Maybe an Astra Militarum Set as well? :)

Hi, email me what you would like. And give a link to those dice that you want.

hi Pring. I was wondering if your Necromunda - 25mm Bases are hollow on the underside. Thank you

Hi, yes all my bases are hollow.

Would you be able to do custom orders also could you contact me through my email here it is donnie2016@gmail.com

Hey, as others have said your flayed ones are amazing (just bought the skin variant) do you have a skin variant without the damage to the robot frame?

No, I did not do that option, and I thought that smooth ones are not interesting to anyone at all. But I'll see if I have the original models without damages, and I make them with skin. But I don’t know how soon. If you subscribed to me, then I think you will receive a notification.

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I'm following :) I think they'd look good, can't wait to see what you cook up!

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Looks great! I printed the 'damaged' ones yesterday and would gladly trade photos of them assembled / primed for the clean STLs? I don't have $25 to spend on the same models twice.

Write to me by mail or Discord. PRiNG (Жека)#2161

Hey, I really like your flayed ones, however I'd like to get all variants; clean, damaged, and damaged with skin. But it feels really bad to pay full price for 3 variations of basically the same file; could you offer a reasonably priced bundle too?

Hello, I'm sorry, but I don't own any discounts. I only upload works to the site. And they take 20% from the sale of each model.

Thank you for your purchase and support with this.

Привет, хочу пуджа напечатать, ты случайно не планируешь его в ближайшем будущем замоделить?

Привет, к сожаление модельки доты так себе расходятся. Так что в ближайшем будущем нет. Поищи модель его я видел они есть в сети.

Or write me an email and I will send you the archive directly. Without an archive if you can't fix it.

Yes, the site has problems with the archives. Everything works fine for me. Try to press the combination of buttons - ALT + R. Repair archive. It helps me with such archives.

Hello i have a problem with the 3d model Night Stalker. It won't unrar.

Sent the file. In response to a letter from technical support.

I have already purchased it, but the model file (.obj) received is missing a model file for the belt. I hope the author will reply in time!