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Hey Moonjammy,
I came over from gumroad, I like the others wondered if you are going to expands the elf collection?
If you not planning on releasing there could I commission you to do a couple more?

Greetings MoonJammy, I am a big fan of your 6mm range as a whole, it has helped me bond with my father and has sparked my full interest in 6mm wargaming, From this interest me and my father have started working on creating a similar game on scale and scope to epic Armageddon, with the main goal of making a game simple to understand and extremely easy to access to our local community, for this however we require miniatures to bring the universe we have created to life, and we thought it would be prudent to ask you about commissioning to you the miniatures for our wargame, we would have to first know if you are open to take comissions and of course discuss the pricing first, i would like to know if there is any means through we can comunicate properly, if there is any form please let me know.

I sincerely wait enthusiastic of your answer, sincerely, Luca Revelli.

Hi MoonJammy.

I've bought all your DarkElves files from GumRoad and have found that many of them show as non manifold in Lychee Slicer and require repairing.

So far, the scout riders, crossbowmen, and blood fanatics, along with the mounted sorceress are all importing this way.

I'm repairing them one by one as I am importing them, but I thought you should know so you could update the files.


Thanks, I'll take a look.

Hi Moonjammy. Bloody love your stuff. It's utterly rekindled my Epic love (although now I'm having terrible scale vexation . . . 6mm for proper EPIC! or 8mm for more of a mini-40K game . . . arrrggghhhhhh!). However, I would like to pay you for your designs. How do I do that? I though about doing it on your Thingyverse feed but wondered whether it would actually get to you (and, indeed, whether it is you, given that it's a slightly different name)? Let me know anyway. Kipples.

Hi Moonjammu - I bought all your 10mm dark elves on Gumroad, but I the supports for the Blood Fanatics are too thick and break the minis every time I try and remove them - could you post versions without he supports? Let me know and I can send my proof of purchase - thank you! Gavjn

Added an unsupported zip to the blood fanatics purchase. Check your library to access it.

Thanks for the uber quick response Moonjammy - loving the minis 🙌

Thanks for the uber quick response Moonjammy - loving the minis 🙌

Hi Moonjammu - I bought all your dark elves on Gumroad, but I the support for the Blood Fanatics are too thick and break the minis every time I try and remove them - could you post versions without he supports? Let men know and I can send my proof of purchase - thank you! Gavjn

Hi. Any chances for Fitzpatrick's style harrpies for DE army on Gumroad?

for your shadow elves would u be designing more?

I am looking for someone to design some armour for 8mm 40k Epic. I am starting an Ad Mech army and want to stick with a walker-tank theme. Would you be willing to design some non-copyright infringing units? I would need a Transport/Gorgon, Battle Tank/Leman Russ, Ordinatus Major & Minor.

It would be great if there was weapon options for the Ordinatus.

If this is something you would do, what would the cost be?

Hi MoonJammy. I followed your 10mm stuff on Excellent Minis to track you here . . . and now I find all this lovely sci-fi gear! Genius. You're the type of chap who's inspiring me to get a resin printer. I was going to ask about where to buy your Dark Elves but I've not scoped the 'Gum Road' comments below. Are you going to be doing any more Fantasy and Sci-Fi 10mm stuff (that looks like it's good to scale up to 15mm also, which is my preferred scale). I would also like to donate for the free stuff here. I notice a couple of others have asked? TAKE THE MONEY, MAN (or woman . . . MoonJammy is gender neutral, I feel :)). Cheers.

Hey there! I love your work and just purchased all your dark elves off gumroad- is there a chance that I could access the separate STLs for the lizard riders? I'm trying to individually base them, but they're all currently fused. Thanks!

Hi, I just wanted to say that in the 6mm boarding troops file there are no basic troops without the shields, though there is an image of them on the file page. Would you be able to upload these as well?

Already downloaded so much from you, is there a way to donate? I feel like I owe you a grand cup of coffee :)

Hi, I saw you license to excellent miniatures for your Dark Elf 10mm models, anyway I could I get license for that in the USA?

Wondering if there's any way to buy your 10mm dark elves as individual models rather than combined on a base? Sorry I couldn't figure out any way to message you through gumroads.

Is there a way to tip you for your work? your stuff is great!