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I did not, I dislike the look of the multilaser and 2 bolters is twice the fun.

Did you ever make a version of the APC turret that has the multi laser and single heavy bolter options?

Some of the older epic scale files have been upscaled over on thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:764340 is one excellent example.
As for the newer stuff I've released, they are all downscales of NormalK I have already released so they should upsize just fine, with a small loss in some details. Just put them in meshmixer and uniformly scale to 4.99.

Has anyone upscaled the epic files to traditional 40K size? if so how did they come out?

There is, but it would be a very counterfeit baneblade.

Thanks for yours designs!!! any chance to see a baneblade ?

I'm not aware of any old genestealer cult weapons, I remember them sharing everything with the old Imperial Guard. That doesn't mean I won't though; I have a few old metal hybrids that are in need of arms.

Any chance you might tackle more RT weapons? Because I'd love the old Genestealer cultist weapons.

I hadn't, but I do like the idea of having straight analogues of the jarhead stuff.
Maybe one day in the future!

Hey man, nice work! Given any thought to making Prime sized heavy weapons, like melta, HB's, Las Cannons, etc...

You can upload pictures of your prints using the "make" button (below the download button on the mobile site)

I have seen people make and print versions with track guards as part of the design, but nobody has seen fit to share the files yet.

I'll likely be doing track guards when I have a computer again; I am hoping for the new year.

I'm loving your designs, currently smashing out a battle company on my little printer (6 successfully printed so far) id send you some pics of them but I'm not sure how to upload them.!

i am however having a job finding track guards to fit the sides, i wonder if you've a design kicking about for them or if you know someone else that has made some to fit your Tanks.

i know you don't do commission work but if you made some id be willing to pay for your time.

Haven't yet seen any 40k scale ones, sorry.

Hi, first of all, congratulations for your works!!! Is awesome and accurate, i want to do a question for you, has you any design of Carnodon Tank in 40k scale, not Epic??
Thank you and hope your answer...

Aliexpress is good for magnets if you do not mind month or longer delivery times.

Sorry, I don't intend any additional versions of the Lemoine Russel at this time. I won't rule it out though.

hey love the models. im trying to find the magnets you would use for the turrets and body, any good site to get the magnets?

I look forward to seeing your tanks! I don't own a printer myself so this is the best way of letting me know if I'm doing a good job designing things.

I have no current plans to do any Interstellar Army walkers, sorry.

My program is TinkerCAD, an extremely user-friendly browser-based CAD designer. I've tried learning blender, meshmixer and fusion360 and I have found them all too complicated.

I enjoy your work and was going to slide you a few Paypal dollars but your other profile said you didn't want tips. Fair enough! I'll post my pictures once I get some paint down on these tanks.
Had two questions though...
Will the Interstellar Army be getting Armored, Scout, and PowerLifter walkers?
What program are you doing work like the APC and SPG? Your output looks like what I want to accomplish so clearly your software is capable. I tried zBrush but found it lacking for hard surface modelling. Trying to learn Blender now.

Sorry, I don't do commissions. I've been known to do requests if the idea has tickled my fancy though.

Hi there mate
Im just flicking through this pm to see whether you do or are available for commission work?


Thank you, I'm glad you like them.

Thanks for the answer! Fantastic work on all of your modells!

Oh dear, I'm sorry I missed your message until now. I made the battlebarge open to cut down on materials, save weight (the test print in resin I have is very hefty) and make it easier for uncured resin to be removed.