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Hello, thanks for all the great designs! Just printed the Epic scale Aurox, found a couple of problems. Side hatches have a gap behind them which means they only partly print, or start to peel off once done. Also, the main hull has a hole on the side, rear left above where the track will be - open from the hollow under the model. Both issues apply to the assembled model and the separate side/hull parts. Other than that great, didn't expect the heavy stubbers to survive but they did! Printed some Carnodons too, they're fantastic and don't have the problems the Aurox has. Thank you again for all the marvellous designs!

That is weird, as the Carnodon uses all the same parts. When I get home from work I will have a look and see what is going on there.

Hey there, I'd like to offer 3d prints of your work to customers on my Etsy shop and Facebook business page, would you give me permission to sell prints of your work? I'd be willing to include links to your various store pages on my shop listings, as well as pay you royalties if that helps.

I must politely decline. I do not see such an arrangement as being within my best interests at this time.

Hey man! Do you have your Higgins-boat-on-land type transport available in 28mm scale? I really love these aesthetically and they'd fit perfectly for my shovel bois.

I don't, but try looking for an Ancient Monster Transporter. It might be what you're looking for.

Sure, as long as you credit me for whichever assets you use.

Heya, can I use your files in 3d animation? cheers

Hi, the file for the Chaos Light Cruiser appears to be missing the flank weapon batteries and the rear thruster. Cheers Scott

Thanks, I figured it out not long after I posted that. Lol feel dumb for not knowing there is a mirror feature.

All you need to do is mirror them for the left ones.


Your mesh is very good, unfortunately it seems missing some parts: the cannons going into the circular slots located on top, the part filling the hole of the part “Astartes_Battlebarge_Body_Bottom” and finally the large part in length that goes under the front cannons and the main batteries.

Have you got the other missing parts of this mesh ? to my point of view three mesh are missing.
I'm able to give you some pictures of these details in order to to enlighten you on my request.

Thank you in advance,

PS: I also speak french if Needing.

Oops! I must specify that I am talking about this astrates battle barge: https://cults3d. com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/art/astartes-battle-barge
Thank you.

Ah, the parts comes like that to allow unused resin to easily flow out during printing and cleanup, and keep the weight of the print down so it can more easily balance on a flight base.
The turrets themselves are found in https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/battlefleet-gothic-weapons-bits

Thank you for your answer. I understand, it’s true that these “holes” were very convenient to remove the pillars. So does this mean that there is no additional mesh? Understood.
Thanks for the link, any turrets work or should we take one in particular ?
Thank you so much for your work, especially since you offer it for free. It’s awesome ! Your mesh library is very impressive. Keep going like this !
have a good day.

I recommend the Astartes Heavy turrets, but all will fit.

Got it ! I’ll try right away, thanks a lot.

Hey! Loving the designs, these are gorgeous models! Question: fresh off the printer, will these be scaled for normal 40k? The Lemoine Russel seems a little big to me, but I'm also new to the hobby and I've never built one before.

The Lemoine Russel & All-Purpose Carrier uploads are scaled for 40k. The Lemoine Russel is designed to be a bit longer than other Imperial Army battle tanks.

Gotcha. How does it compare size-wise to a GW Leman Russ?

It's about 2cm longer, but identical in width & height.

Okay I'll send later, thanks👍

You can message me via thingiverse. I don't check over there as often as here, so messages sometimes wait several days for a reply.

Hi, in my opinion you have the best designs for far future tanks out there! Is there a way to contact you privately?
Thanks Matt

Just the trench rails and dozer blade. Someone else did add-on exhaust pipes, but I cannot recall who.

Hello, I was just shown your files and I have to say they look great. I have several LRuss tanks I want to convert to DKOK. I see you have whole bodies. Do you happen to have just the add on parts?

Please tip me with pictures of any prints you've done. Success or fail, printed or not. Helps me see what works with different machines and it's always nice to see others actually making use of the designs.

Hi !
Just wanted to thank you for your amazing work ! Keep going !
Is there any place we can tip you ?

I'm sorry, but I am not interested in this at this time.

It is a cool idea though, best of luck finding someone who is.

I am looking for someone to design some armour for 8mm 40k Epic. I am starting an Ad Mech army and want to stick with a walker-tank theme. Would you be willing to design some non-copyright infringing units? I would need a Transport/Gorgon, Battle Tank/Leman Russ, Ordinatus Major & Minor.

It would be great if there was weapon options for the Ordinatus.

If this is something you would do, what would the cost be?

Thank you, I try my best to supply quality STCs.
I have not modelled a multilaser weapon for the IFV as I do not like how multilasers look.

Hi, sorry to bother you but I can't find the multilazer for the chimera anywhere. Am I being an idiot?

Also, phenomenal account you've got here!

I did not, I dislike the look of the multilaser and 2 bolters is twice the fun.

Did you ever make a version of the APC turret that has the multi laser and single heavy bolter options?

Some of the older epic scale files have been upscaled over on thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:764340 is one excellent example.
As for the newer stuff I've released, they are all downscales of NormalK I have already released so they should upsize just fine, with a small loss in some details. Just put them in meshmixer and uniformly scale to 4.99.

Has anyone upscaled the epic files to traditional 40K size? if so how did they come out?