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Dear Mkhand_Industries,
I saw someone selling prints of you're stl's on etsy, are they allowed to do that?

As long as it is one of my free designs, they can do as they please. Paid files are personal use only, though.

Hello, sorry if I wanted a design, you can do it. Is there a way to send you my idea so you can give me a price, thanks

Sorry, I don't do commissions. If I like your idea I'll put it on my to-do list though.

First of all i want to say that i love these designs! I think I have about 8 tanks printed right now of your design and I love them. I'm curious however if it's possible to maybe get some russ and or chimera tracks with visible road wheels? Maybe similar in style to the “Large yellow fist marine boss” Tank, or perhaps similar to the tanks made for the Arma 3 mod imperial conquest? I’ll link some images so you can get what I mean, they aren’t the best but I hope they are clear enough.


They are some good inspiration. I will file those away for later

Right now I only offer them as part of the lemoine russel.

Hi, I dowloaded your free sprockets, clamps...etc file and I wanted to use your Panther sprocket on my 1/72 build. I resized it in 1/72. Problem is that It's too narrow of like 1mm to feat in the panther tracks. I test fitted the sproket (in 1/35 this time) with a panther track link and took some measurement: when one side is properly positionned, there is like a 1,20mm gap for the teeth of the sproket to feet in really good. I tried to reshape the cone between the inner and outter with a slightly bigger cone but I have little experience in 3D and couldn't get it to work so I wanted to know, as you are the editor of this, if you could make the sprocket more wider of 1,20mm. Thanks

Hello, I love the spaceship designs, but I was wondering if it was possible to get the assembled versions as completely infilled? I would like to avoid having to put holes in these glorious models as much as possible to let the resin drain.

just like to say these are the best 40k vehicles i have seen online.

Thank you!

Not a question, just wanted to say I love your vehicles and especially the handheld weapons; I love kitbashing with them. Keep up the awesome work. I tend not to credit your bits as I don't want to lead the wrong people to your page, but please know your work is awesome and valued!

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I'm glad to hear it. Don't be afraid to share pictures sometime.

What’s the difference between turret A and B for the INTERSTELLAR ARMY FLAME TANK CREWLESS TURRETS? Looked it over in my slicer and checked the model page and can’t see a difference

One has a weapon mount that offers slightly more inclination for the flamer. Very subtle though.

Ahhh ok, thanks! If there are other turrets with no noticeable differences is this likely it as well?

The other vehicles with alternate turrets are generally more noticeable in their differences

Lovely stuff! Any chance you’re working on the new larger battle tank? :D

I will not be, as I feel it neither fits in with the rest of the faction stylistically or fulfills any battlefield roles not already covered by nicer looking tanks.

Love your Intersteller Army line.. any possibility of doing Intersteller Navy, like cargo transports, troop transports, or close air support?

I unfortunately have no intent right now to do anything like that beyond after market parts for plastic & cast resin kits.

Hey MK, big fan of your modular tank bits and especially all the variants. Something I'd love to to see and havent found out there are different Interstellar Army APC hatches for hazardous environments kind of like this one below. My gas mask wearing troops could use the extra filtration if you some have spare time.

I'd be willing to pay for it too!


That is an interesting idea. While I am simultaneously grappling with 2 conflicting ideas in my head and making sure all my A.P.C. vehicles are updated for the better hatches & pintle weapons, I will file it away for later.

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Hey MK, big fan of your modular tank bits and especially all the variants. Something I'd love to to see and havent found out there are different Interstellar Army APC hatches for hazardous environments kind of like this one below. My gas mask wearing troops could use the extra filtration if you some have spare time.

I'd be willing to pay for it too!


Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question but are there sides for the flame tanks? or am I supposed to use the all purpose?

As it says in the description, any of the All Purpose Carrier sides will fit, or you can use plastic tracks if you have spares

Hi, I love your tank models, They've filled out the bulk of my armoured Krieg crusade. But I was wondering if you'd be able to make a pintle mounted stubber that looks like a type 99 like uh cough a similar design

I do have most of the parts. I'll see if I can figure out a decent looking mount

Hello! Great models, but I was putting together a few light cruiser v2's, and found the the bridge bottom piece is missing the slits for the wings.


Thank you

Hey man, just a quick question, where do you get the magnets sizes for the Lemoine Russel and the All-Purpose Carrier. The 6.5x2.5mm, 5.5x1.25mm and 3.5x1.25mm magnets

I'm not sure I understand. I modelled the holes with the extra bit of space to comfortably fit magnets while accounting for varying amounts of expansion that different resins undergo in their post-clean curing.

Hey man! I fell in love with your Interstellar Army Mobile Bunker Mk. IV and I have a question. Is it a suitable proxy for new rogaly donkey tank? And if not, how much do I need to scale it down so it can match this one's size? Thanks and keep up the great work!

Armament-wise, it would probably work just fine. Size-wise, it is somewhere inbetween a macharius and baneblade. I have seen about half a dozen size comparisons of the dornky tank with russes and baneblades and none of them have beem consistent so I have no idea.

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I really love these designs but i feel like the armored version of the self propelled artillery is a little too tall? also is it posible that we can get a lemoine russel with a turret ring further back, so that the turret can sit more near the center of the hull instead of the front? again great work! keep it up!

Thank you. The armoured SPG's cabin has to be that tall to fit over the cannon mount, which also needs to be as tall as it is to get the cannon over the front while still being able to depress enough to direct fire. I also designed a lemoine russel with a centered turret ring.https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/interstellar-army-lemoine-russel-tank-alternate-middles

Thank you very much for the link to the centred turret ring, it looks great, altho there seems to be a bit floating next to it, which I assume is a mistake? Anyway on the SPG, I do understand that you need to leave room for the mounts but isn't it possible to release an alternative version of the mount that gets cut down near the top? In turn leaving more room for the cabin. Again thank you so much for making these great designs, these actually convinced me to get a resin 3d printer lol

Ah dang it. I am out of town for work, but when I get back I'll look into the floating geometry.
I have had a hard time finding motivation to do any design-work lately so I cannot promise a new mount and cabin.

No worries, thats totally understanble

Well this is embarassing, if the movable pieces aren't in the 3mf files then I forgot to add them. I will do so when I get home from work today.

No worries you've made so much stuff I'd be shocked if there wasn't a little piece that slipping your mind. Thx for all the hard work!

Love your stuff! Do you have any plans to do lemony scaled parts that match the official kit dimensions? Or are they already available somewhere and I've just missed them?

I don't have any of those and do not have any plans to do so at this time. Solutionlesn and his 4th Planet Battle Tank might be what you're after

Minotaur tank

It looks pretty cool!

I saw it and thought it would be a good idea for a project if you had nothing else going on and wanted to.

Though I don’t want to force anything on you.

Hey man,
Love your work. Absolutely amazing. One question. Do you have a file for a tank turret that fits your bodies? I cannot find one.

If you look in my Big Tanks collection you will find it next to the bodies.


Just checking, Lycheeslicer is warning me that the Imperial Cruiser models as well as the other spaceships have holes that is in need of repair, is this something I need to repair myself or is this a false red flag I can ignore?

The spaceships have been designed as multiple parts, as I did them before resin printers had become wide-spread and are 'hollowed' by default. Therefore any assembled hulls also have these gaps.
Unless used with FDM printers, I recommend Italianmoose's or Soul Forge Studio's spaceship designs instead.

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Hello, this is a fantastic model. I incorporated it into a kitbash which is on Thingiverse which includes a link to your project in the description. Please let me know if you'd like me to add any more info. Thanks for making your design available for free.


Glad you like it and were able to incorporate it into something new.
I don't think any additional info is required, thank you for inquiring.