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Hello, I really like your two Heavy Axis Walker variants, especially the Zombie factory. It's very original!
I wanted to know if it's in your plans to also build the other regular official variants (Sturmkonïgs/Konïglothat/Konïgswotan/Konïgsluther)?

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I will be getting around to doing proxies for those models in the future.👍

hey, I downloaded and printed your "WINGED DRAGON ARTICULATING FLEXI WIGGLE PET, PRINT IN PLACE" and had an issue where the wings didn't articulate as they should, and instead, the hinges snapped. have you had any issues with like this, and how did you fix it?

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It sounds like the PLA you might be using is expanding beyond the normal amount it should be during cooling, if it is a "silk" PLA like most multi-color ones you might need to make some settings adjustments in Cura or your slicer.

One solution, although it will take longer to print, would be to set your layer height to 0.1mm and if you can set your line width to 0.25mm as well (assuming you're using a 0.4mm nozzle) it should correct the issue giving you a wide tolerance as the default line width is usually 0.38mm. There is a lot of leeway (0.6mm +-) around the parts so doing those two things will give you a wider tolerance. These settings will actually improve any print you make to a great degree as all geometry will be divisible by even amounts giving you perfect slopes.

I'll add a "Test hinge" STL to the Dragon listing shortly (You should see an email) so you can run quicker tests as well. :)

File updated, the "Calibration_Wing_Hinge" is in there.

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/820453591437279243/981731868284182638/unknown.png?width=727&height=630 First test print of the main section went well, here's how big its main section is compared to your average Axis heavy walker.

Its finally up!

Hi, Thank you a lot for the DUST 1947 models!!! Is it possible, that you create the DUST 1947 Japanese Tank? Bye from Berlin. Daniel

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Thanks for the kind words, I intend to eventually do an IJN themed Light walker at some point but I don't do actual tank models since they're available for free if you have a bit of a look around, possibly not on Cults but I assume they're out there somewhere. :)

I'm so glad that someone has started making proxies for at-43. I will help in any way I can if you want. I have quite the collection and I can send pics or take measurements.
Not surprisingly, I also have a decent size dust 1947 collection as well.

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Thanks for the kind words, I'll keep that in mind. :)

Hi ! I want to start on dust, but I don't know the game well yet

all your achievements are self-made units with self-made stats? Or are they real references from the game?

For modelling, do you create everything or do you combine different models? Which program do you work with? Very nice work :)

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The listings with "Dust 1948" are all custom works although I have created all the models listed from scratch and the proxies are created from measuring existing models by hand then trying to replicate them or creating them based on images (like the VK lifter) and then doing many test prints until they're what I consider close enough to be a good proxy worth putting up.

For the stats I post them in the Dust Unofficial Resources sub section of the Dust 1947 discord, come join us! :)

I started last year in FDM and learned the advantages and disadvantages of the machine so I understand the capabilities and advantages of those machines pretty well I think which is why there are FDM specific versions, obviously somebody can print the RESIN STL files on a FDM printer however the cleanup and support removal might be pretty difficult in some cases.... That said Cura 5.0 looks to be really promising.

I eventually got a resin printer as well and now do a mix of printing on both machines but still create individual files labelled accordingly for either machine. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, for example my print of the British Tortoise walker is has an FDM body and dozer with resin legs and turrets.

For the IJN ninja's I literally created them part by part first starting with a rough skeleton then manipulating meshes into what you see. I use a program called MOI created by some of the staff that made Rhinoceros 3D, I then run the STL files through Microsoft's 3D Builder (Great program, and free too) to correct any mesh issues although I used to run them through Meshmixer for the older models -- hence the much larger file sizes on earlier listings. ;)

Thanks for the kind words. :)

My personal settings using a 0.24mm line width (instead of default) 0.2mm layer height, 4 walls (instead of the default 2) and a 15% infill show it as 16.5 hours and 83 grams.

And its up.

Hi,i downloaded your Railgun Walker & Generator and i seem to have a Problem with it.
The Generator in Resin is missing.
is it only my Chitubox thats wrong?
sorry for bad English and Thanks in advance.

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The file you need to load is called "Walker_Railgun_Generator_Shield_Right_Resin.stl" The generator is an arm piece that has the armor plate attached to it.

If your build plate is pretty saturated perhaps it loaded off to the side and didn't print as a result, try zooming out a bit and see if it did that, my resin printer has a fairly small build volume and Chitubox loves to do that.

If you don't get it figured out load all the resin files and post an image so we can figure it out further. :)

I tried it and the only thing on my Buildplate is the Shield of the Generator not the Generator itself.
I made a Screenshot.

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Should be good now, just re-download the "Walker_Railgun_Generator_Shield_Right_Resin.stl" file. and you should be good to go. :)

Since making this kit last year I found a better way of working with 3D meshes so the file size will be significantly smaller for the new part.

Thank you very much!

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Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

Thank you!

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Always glad to help with the small bits.

what scale should this print at?

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Do you sell your models somewhere else? Want to buy recent, but because of political sanctions visa, MasterCard and paypal are blocked. I am free of politics, a am for peace, I even can't go to army if wanted, because of bad health. I only want to live and play dust and boardgames. Maybe there is some chanse to help me to buy some of your last models? Before sanctions, I've bought most. Thanks!

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Thank you for the support I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately I only list the files on Cults3D as it is my preferred way to list the free models and sell the more complicated ones so I can continue to buy better equipment and more materials to reinvest the money into making more and better files for download.

I hope this situation comes to an end sooner than later and I wish you well.

Teaser time.

Redesigned British Infantry 3

British Infantry 3 hero, Princess Elizabeth herself and her first Corgi in Aviation goggles.

British Flying infantry 3

Hoping to have these guys ready for you all in the next while. :D

Whew, what a week, had my printer give me some issues -- Was getting horizontal lines through the print randomly.... Turns out it was just adjusting the lift height to 7 from 5 was the fix due to the FEP flexing, hopefully that helps one of you guys who reads this to overcome it as well.

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Greetings. I purchased the MARV (Crane) conversion. It's a nice model. It looks as if the files have been 'fixed' in Meshmixer or similar with reduced detail/sharpness on bolts, jerry can, hatches, etc. This will be apparent when printed in SLA @ 1/48th scale. See screenshot from Lychee: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8naykeql9z9ei3j/MARV%201.png?dl=0 In fact, I notice that the FDM "body piece" bolts are less pixelated than the same details on the resin version. Can the original OBJ or unfixed STL files be included - at our own risk? Also, if I may ask, can the winch or power-pack "body piece" be included as a single separate piece, for the resin crowd, for modding a spare MCW chassis? (or I could print the FDM one and glue it together...) Thanks for offering this cool variant.

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Thanks for the comments, good suggestions, keep an eye out for an update email in the next while.

Alright, updated the files, file size should be smaller since no manual sculpting repair was required this time as I was using older software to export the STL which than required some manual repairs in meshmixer as you noticed. :)

https://i.postimg.cc/xjXMzhVP/Mar14-MARV-Update.jpg Should look like this now, that is from Chitubox.

Much better, my friend. I appreciate the hi-rez hull and the separate winch. The download is now missing the file MARV_Body_Piece_RESIN.stl, but I don't need it and others need the legs from your store anyway. The winch is a touch too big and the hook is now huge, but we can work with it. I am a satisfied customer.

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Sounds good.

I've corrected the scaling on the boom and hook files and re-uploaded the original Body piece file again as well.

Sweet. Thanks. I think I'll go for the VK lifter next.

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Thank you!

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Thank you for all the support. :)

Hi there,

I love your work, thanks a lot for doing and sharing it.I'm a little late for the Dust party as I recently started to play and collect Desert Scopions. I found your Mg pack (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/dust-war-allied-walker-heavy-machinegun), this helps me a lot to arm my jeeps. I want to print in Resin, I don't understand why the Mg's are split in half. Can I print them joined together? Or do I risk failed prints if I join them together? I don't have much experience in resin printing that's why I ask this. Are there files available for a recoiless gun here? I searched them but couldn't find any.

To get all jeep variants I need the Phaser Gun for Gun Trucks and the mortar with a hand with a grenade in it to build Mortar Trucks. Could you please make the 3D-Files for them?

Best wishes

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Thanks for the kind comments, as for resin printing you can pretty much just move the objects into each other in Chitubox and when you slice it they will print fused together, just line them up and angle them as you see fit. :)

As for the other requested parts, I do intend to do a jeep kit eventually but its going to be awhile.

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For the "jeep" I found that the Rubicon Models 280075 - Chevrolet WB 30cwt fits the Dust Dodge WC51 size perfectly. And I really love the style of the Chevrolet WB 30cwt, bonus it is a historical vehicle that was used by the real desert scorpions/ long range desert group/ long range desert patrol and SAS. For me it is all about the missing weapons to get my idea together. While the phaser gun is my biggest problem since I can't find any thing to use it as such.

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I've always liked that Dust used a standard model scale unlike Warlords slightly smaller scale.

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Excuse me if this intrusive it is not meant to be and I know that I'm asking for a favor here. I plan to attend a story driven Dust campaign this summer and I would like to play one Gun Truck there. Would it be possible to do the phaser gun somewhere in the next 6 weeks?

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Hello, should be possible. ;)

Finally got around to doing the Jeep Phaser for you. :)


Thanks for all the awesome stuff!
Is there a way of printing the legs as solid pieces to avoid the seam down the front?

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Thanks for the kind comment. :)

As for complete model, you can just load up the Resin version of the file and add supports manually if printing FDM.

And here's the final (hopefully) refinement.


Awesome! Thank you 😊

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Hi, the VK stash are great! Any chance you will make the wooden palette that holds them together?

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I'm planning on making the lifter arms with palette as a kit in the near future so keep an eye out for that. :)

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Hello, I have sighted that you do realised a lot of stuff about DUST :), that's prettry good dude, and I would like to know if you plan to do the different models of the tesla canon and the associated mechas : TYPE 47 and tesla squad ?

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Definitely on the list. :)

I'm a bit pre-occupied getting the British faction done but the open cockpits and missing weapons are on the list.

Eventually I intend to have every walker in the game converted and a few of the heavy SSU tanks.

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oh, weird thought, please add a 1/48th scale Gunther way down on your list. : )

and a KV-152/A "Big Joseph"

they were only ever produced in 1/35th scale