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Hi I'm having trouble uploading the file to CURA to prepare it for printing ... It freezes and crashes ...

Hi,I solved the problem, write me direct instagram @moscatellimatteo

I no longer have instagram ... you can answer me here thanks

Ciao sto trovando problemi a caricare il file su CURA per preparlo alla stampa... Si blocca e crasha...

Hi, you wrote the same message twice, you can delete it thanks.

Hi Dwendooley,
Thank you very much for updating the name,
i suggest you try to change the 3d printer support, watch the videos on youtube.

Cute model. You might want to update the description since the movie was renamed The Mitchells Vs The Machines.
Have you had any reports of problems with 3d printing the model? I've had it fail twice in the same place... filament just stops extruding. I'm altering temp and retraction settings to see how it goes for a 3rd attempt. Just wondering if there are any triangle problems with the model that you've heard of.


Can you do dabi from my hero academia

Sure! you can do it. The only thing you share the picture or tag me on instagram that I like to see the projects, the rest you can do everything.

I would like to use your models to market, will you give me your permission?
Thank you.

Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

👇 You can follow me here...

hey man, good night, sorry, i cant write you with the last problems of server in cults, well, yeah, just let me finished the printing of the project, but, the miles morales objetct has problems to print, the both hands are separated of the rest of body, but, i repaired the figure and is printing now, give me 1 day and sending pictures to you, have a nice day.

Acabamos de comprar un modelo tuyo y nos es urgente comentar alguna cosa sobre él. Por favor puedes contactarnos en admin@cosomo.es?