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what's software did you use in to make 3d files?
i know Fusion-360, and OpenSCAD, i want to try Blender
but i don't know why it's look complicated and also i don't have strong GPU
just Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

Hi Toos,

I had communication with Pierre from Cults3d and came to understand the question is about the Bird Temple. Sorry for the dis-communication :-)

I just used simple “All purpose glue” of the brand “cre-ation” bought at a “Cheap Chinese Store” :-) (in European country's you can go to the “Action”).
On one of the pictures on the model page you can see it standing in the right top corner.

But you can use any kind of glue that glues plastic.

The reason I used this glue in this case is really because it gives me time. It hardens very slow so If something is wrong I can take it apart again. After 24 hours or so... the glued parts stay together, but then still can be taken apart without damaging the printed parts. Handy for debugging glued models :-)

I hope this answers your question, otherwise feel free to ask :-)

Hi, nice bird house. I wonder with what glue you were gluing all parts together?