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Hi I'm having trouble with this I've tried it on 2 different 3d printers but there are gaps in the layers

I've printed mine on anycubic Photon resin printer and no problems so far. What exactly happens with your prints? Can you be more specific? What kind of printer are you using? Are you printing them per piece and applying good supports? Is the inner model wall still thick enough when you hollow them?

The model is great in places but then there will be a line where its missing in using a pla 3d printer

I'm happy to send you a photo as it might help you in the future just incase others have the same problem

yes pls post a photo so I can see myself. Sorry I only have experience with resin printer atm

upload in photo hosting place like imgur.com and post link to picture

btw I use Chitubox for slicing my models before print. Maybe using the app can also help. I remember when i first used the slicer that came with anycubic and my prints would come out with holes on certain parts for no reason. It wasnt until I used Chitubox that they slice the mdoels really well and even auto repairs some vertices for a good print

Hi I've just paid and downloaded this and there is only 1 head and body option plus the hair is missing the back can you look into it please

um.. did you open the .RAR file that came along with it? Because those things you mentioned were just sample for the website's 3D preview. Everything else is in compressed RAR file

Hi yes I'm trying to open that file but it's not opening

you will need the program to open it
download for free here:

I like the penholder you recently posted. Would it be possible to get it with the option of not having the pen hole, and just the bust?

yes the files include optional body that has no hole :)
the heads are separate elements to the bust itself as well

I’m having a real problem printing this model. Each part no matter which way laid down shoe lines missing in the print. Every single part has flaws. Is there a trick to getting it to print. Netfab will not take it in

which model?

Oh the secretary without table. Love the sculpt I i keep getting Bridges legs head and torso. Using ESun pla+ and Slicer. Thanks for your help

Sorry i dont have experience with ESUN PLA+. I'm using Chitubox as a slicer.So far I havent come across any problems with that program. To be fair I have only printed in resin using Anycubic Photon so far. I dont have other types like FDM
here are my prints. I designed my sculpt to be printed separately and be assembled later on to make painting it easier so I would not recommend printing it as one piece. Are you also printing in resin or something else?


Regarding the GP02 - PHYSALIS, how many parts is it?

around 105