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Dear sirs thank you very much for your kind message. You are correct! The link works perfectly! Sorry I was using a wrong browser. I have managed to download them and they are awesome! Please accept my apologies. Thank you once again, have a good day.

Dear sirs, I have purchased WYVERN DRAGON WHELPS COLLECTION which I found amazing, but unfortunately the link that you obtain from the zip file when you downloaded, does not seem to work. Could you be so kind to help me. I can’t wait to open the files to see your work. Thank you to the whole team for such creative work!

Hi there! We check it and the link seems to work fine, what problem do you have? ... if you wish, you can send us an email address in a private message and we can send a new link.

Hello :) I purchased one of your files this morning (Vul'Zak, ogre) and it downloaded in a format I've not seen. I mean the actual model format, not the zip file. Not sure why. I am used to .stl files and this one doesn't even show a file type for me to search up how to open it. Can you give me any advice for being able to open the file? Thanks!

Hi!, thanks for your purchase, I've checked and there was a mistake with the file that was submitted, as we did some changes to the products, some errors had happen. I'm uploading the correct files right now and they will be ready in some minutes.

Thanks again, and if you find another problem we're here to help!

Best regards!

Hi, can you see all the files or only the base?

Hi I'm having a bit of trouble with the wyvern only the base has downloaded.