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I would like to pay a Licens for your Designs.
How much does it cost?
I would like to print and sell around 10-15 of these per year.

Any chance of turning the fox into a bobble head? I think it would look even cooler.

SLOTH??? You would sell lots of these!! I am printing the crocodile right now with a rainbow PLA. Will upload the result. Thanks for such an awesome model!!

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Yeah, a sloth is totally on my list.

Is is possible to get a liscence to sell a finished product from an stl if I buy it from you (not the STL)?

sorry, no. I am in the process of opening my own store

Thank you very much for alerting me, I sent a message to them.

Good day, please could you kindly reply to my message, this is the third request,,,,,I have purchased your crocodile design, tried to print it and it stops half way through the print......could you please tell me why this is or do I need a new link to this.......Marietta Cakefables@gmail.com

I'm sorry if I missed your previous texts, But It doesn't sound like a problem with the model unless it possibly got corrupted during the download. If that is the case please try re-downloading it. That said, it is more likely something going wrong when you slice it. I would try re-slicing it, and scrub through the layers to look for abnormalities. sometimes the slicer just screws up the file.

Hi! I'm Massimo from Italy, i see your awesome works, Do You will make a Ferret model?

Thants funny I was actually considering making a ferret very soon.

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That's awesome!


Do let me know when you decide on a selling deal. As I am interested to sell this in my ETSY shop. Thanks

Sorry, I'm not allowing the sales. I am in the process of starting my own shop.

Im wondering, how can i make a flexi like this? (also i have a few ideas for flexis :butterfly, crab and a mantis)

3D software that does a good job with more organic shapes. Blender is good and free.

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okie thanks but i have more questions, what mode do you use to make this?

im using blender too

general sculpting edit or?
its the tools installed in my blender

i want to make a fllexi of my own

I actually use 3DS max. I haven't used blender in years. But I like to suggest Blender to people because once they look up the price of 3DS max, they get discouraged.

Hi, i'm just wondering if the fox image with the dual colour was printed with 2 colours or is painted? if it was printed, do you have a copy of the setup you used for the coloured areas to replicate? also what filament was the orange one - that fox looks amazing

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. So with the fox I printed it in wood filament, then I stained it mostly with 2 oil based stains (light and dark). the white was done with a diluted white oil paint.

Can you make a flexi Pegasus?

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I will consider it.

Hey, I recently made a fox and I noticed that the joints holding the tale and legs didn't completely connect properly and the joints failed. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happing again.

There are a myriad of possible things it could be. I'll give the most common.

First, you simply might be under extruding. If you haven't already, learn how to calibrate e-steps. If that seems like too much work, you can increase "Flow" in Cura (super easy).

Second, you could be losing filament on travel, and by the time the nozzle gets to the hinge, it doesn't put out enough. For this
(A) play with retraction settings.
(B) you can set the "Z Seam Alignment" to "shortest" this way there is less travel to the hinge.
(C) There is a setting in Cura to prime the nozzle called "retraction extra prime amount". you can set this to 0.064 but it might cause some extra issues.

Lastly, Make sure you are printing with enough walls. 2 walls is good, but I always print with 3

Beyond those, it's possible that you have a partial clog, Or it's just bad filament.

Good Luck.

I bought this design, and it won't let me download it. It is not showing up in my downloads.

sorry about that. Cults3D has issues sometimes during high traffic times, I will likely work if you try a little later.

i have tried to download the skeleton which you have down as free, both times is has corrupted my sd card and i have had to forma it before use and reload all my files back on there for my 3d printer, maybe this is an issue you can look into?

Thank god I had taken a copy of the card as i am new to this 3d print lark and i would have been totally lost if not! :)

just letting you know


ps, i love the fox, it has printed really well and its the best thing i've made so far! :) out of 4 items that is lol

I'm glad you like the Fox. I will look into it, but this is very strange. I have thousands of downloads of this same file with no problems. You say you downloaded it more than once and still the same issue? do you have another card you can try?...cards do go bad. also, where does it say it's free, I can't find that.

Can you make a puppy/dog? I was going to try one that was free on thingiverse but supports wer having issues. tx!

I might at some point, but I just made a Fox. :)

Can you make a baby yoda? Also my students are in love with your robot and I am figuring out a way to buy more because now they are excited and showing up to learn to 3D print. Thank you for great work that has captured their minds.

Thanks! glad you like 'em. There is an amazing free Baby Yoda...of course he's not flexi. :)

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Where can I find this amazingness? I actually have a shelf / area in classroom dedicated to him. He is the class mascot. I even use his attraction to cookies to introduce bonding, him in his crib is like a noble gas


Can this be printed with Resin?

I have personally never printed it in Resin, but I am aware that others have had success.

I love the flexy fox. Could you do a cat similarly

I will put it on my list

hi i like your designes i was wondering if i could get your permission to sell them if possible please

sorry, no. right now I am actively trying to figure out the best way to sell my 3D prints. If I cant work out what I am currently trying to do I will contact you.

Hello, Nice Job i like it all

Can you make a Gorilla?

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I'll put it on my list. I was thinking about a monkey.

no, thanks for letting me know.

There are so many people in Instagram who sells your work but it looks like they do not have any license. Just for your information. I tried to send a direct message but you never answered

In Instagram? ugh. sorry I didn't respond, I get a lot of messages. thanks

Hello I really like all your designs, could you please make the flexi cat similar to the flexi fox.

I'll put it on my list

Hallo, was muss ich tun damit ich ihre Modelle verkaufen kann?

currently I'm not allowing the sales of my models.