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Hi, I have tried to print this now two times, and both times the wings get loose and the hole thing is broken.
I used raft both times thats bigger the the bird. What can I do wrong? Any tip?

I will nearly go broke with your files, but that’s alright; you’re amazing and I appreciate your work! So far, and I’m certain all will be the same, my prints have been just as amazing as your photos ~ THANK YOU!

Thanks so much. I've not heard of that one, but I'll check it out! Keep up the good work. Your creations are amazing and I look forward to purchasing more!

Thank you very much!

Hi! I've purchased several of your stl files and have really enjoyed printing them. Can I please ask, what modelling software do you use?

Thank you, Andy.

Hello! I use 3d SMax

I'm wondering of you might be able to do a flexi panda and koala (I'm hoping they are similar so it isn't too much work for you) i have been looking around and I can't seem to find too many people who have done tailless/short tail, 4 legged flex prints. Love your prints.

Hi there and thanks for the suggestions! I have master list and both of them have been requested before. So hopefully they make the design rotation in the coming months :)

Love the valentine heart. I am using a BL CarbonX1 with AMS. But I notice when I try to color its left eyebrow, it cannot be selected. Is there another way to color it so it prints well?

Hi there and yes, it can be painted...you just need to use the fill tool and change the smart fill angle, make sure the edge detection is on. Works like a charm!

Can you please make a cool looking articulating spider/tarantula?? That would be awesome!

Thank you for the idea. I do already have a Flexi Spider, but always willing to try new designs.

What’s are you working on next love your prints and how often do you make new one for sale

Hi there. I keep everything pretty private until I do a release. And I work on new models constantly, sometimes two a month, but mostly just one. I also make exclusives and bonus items for my continued patrons.

Hi I bought the flexy kitten and tried to paint it using bambu studio but having a hard time painting paws and spots on the back, is there an easy way to do this or do you have an already printed (MMU)file, I am new to 3d printing so I hope you can hepl me, thank you

There is no real easy way to paint for MMU. I anticipate now that the competition has ramped up with 3MF (Bambu)... we will start seeing better painting software. I do provide 3MF files for my patrons.

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I would love to make these for my grandkids can they be printed with a resin printer

Short answer is yes, but you will need a high level of expertise. Supports may need to be made. And I make these for filament primarily.

Je voudrais acheter deux mains fini. je n' ai pas de machine

Vous devrez acheter auprès d'un vendeur sur un site comme etsy. Cults est destiné aux fichiers à imprimer.

Do you have multicolor versions of your models? I have the mosaic Palette 2 and would like to use it with some of your flexis.

I am starting to make multicolor files for bambu.

Okay sweet. That is an awesome machine.

Bonjour ou acheter cette main ? MAIN FLEXI PRINT-IN-PLACE

Bonjour ou acheter cette main ? x2

I bought this 3 D Printer turtle, but I cant seem to download it. Can you send me the file please.

Cults server sometimes gets a little overwhelmed. usually you just need to try again later.

once paid for file how do I get it or where

the top right of cults click on your profile, and you should see Downloads.

Hey! I love the flexible Elephant design! Can i sell Prints based on it? How would we go about that?

to sell prints of my designs, you must be a patron www.patreon.com/flexifactory

Hello. I am new to 3D printing, and I am loving it so far. I was wondering, if I become a patreon, may I have permission to try to sell those designs to try and generate revenue? I will not mass produce anything, and will always give credit where credit is due. Thank you. Happy New Year!

yes, as a patron you have permission to sell prints of any and all of my creations

okay, besten dank

Hi, I am interested to buy more than one file. Is there any better price if I bought many flexible files? I want to print for my son. Thanks

Hello there. I do not have a packaged deal on these.

I have seen a turtle that the top of the shell comes off for storage, is that something you made in the past?

That was an exclusive for patrons. I have all my public models here on Cults!

My understanding is that the spider has been upgraded with stronger joints, if i reload it from Cults will i get the newer version even though the down load file shows a date of last October ?

Correct. The new model is uploaded already and the file was replaced.

ich habe diese ameise am 26.12.22 gekauft.
nun gibt es eine verbesserte version. Muß ich diese wieder kaufen?
Lg sandra

Nein, Sie können die Datei erneut herunterladen, und es entstehen keine Kosten. Das andere funktioniert auch gut ... Ich habe nur einige Verbesserungen für die Druckbarkeit vorgenommen.

I'm new to the 3D world of printing. I picked your YETI instead of the normal articulating dragon. In your description you said "*15-20% infill to be safe". The printer software (Ankermake M5) I'm using has infill density and infill overlap percentage. So not sure when you say INFILL which one am I suppose to adjust.

It would be density and not overlap percentage.

I have attempted to print the ant, 5 times and it seems to fail at or about the top of the leg or Legs . I have good adhesion I even when as far as to place a thin coating of bed glue down and something keeps knocking the leg(s) off track I did get a fair print from the 6th try . I also turn the print speed down to 40 % and still have issues .

Sometimes you get curling on edges and the nozzle comes around and knocks it off. Some filaments do this more than others. Try lowering temp, might help. I have updated the model and I will try and push the new version shortly.