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Do you ever allow people to sell your bookmarks?

Hello Sergio! My name is Oleg, please tell me, I'm trying to buy your model, but I can't do it through the site, for some reason it doesn't accept my Qiwi card, can I somehow do it directly with you? I really need a model.

hola me gustan muchotyus disenos descargue el modelo de 3dtac para la lampara es facil de imprimir sin soportes la calidad es exelente, solo que nose como se ponen los tornillos que se van en el riel

Necesitas colocar tuercas en los orificios designados.


I bought this model. but got issues with opn stl files, can you resend it to me plx=


You can redownload your files directly form cults, look for the confirmation email they sent you when you purchased the file. None of the 3D files that I have uploaded have any issues opening in 23k + downloads so far. Also, I do not see your username as having purchased any files lately, if you have any issues or wish a refund, contact cults directly.

Thanks, i got it it finally 🙌 awsome design btw👌🏻

Hello, i'm intrest in your magwell. Did it fit on a g&g gc16 wild hog 12'' ? Thx for response and the nice design

Not sure, that rifles receiver isnt standard m4 pattern.

Hello, I bought the GoPro cap mount. I already printed it but the screws you mentioned for the mount are way to small. The cutout for the nut for example is too large for a m4 nut, even for an m5. Which unit of measurement do you use for the 3d model?

Hi Sergio, I purchased the torch mount and I think there is an error in the current design. Both sides of every mount have reliefs for the nuts and the screws / bolt head will not fit. I would expect that one side would be cut for the nut and the other cut for the bolt head. Could you verify which nut and bolt combo these are designed for?


Can you do 3d WILCOX G24 MOUNT?

im not good at makeing stl or cad files into stls

there is a guy by the name of ZVC0430 here on 3d cult the guy has a makes a lot of money


the guy has a channel on YouTube called zvc 3D Print its the same guy that is selling modles on 3d cult and k modles


me and a bunch of guys have been bugging that guy zvc for a long time to make a mac 11 he makes
real detailed modles to scale but he keeps making cowboy gun models and other handgun models ):

i think it would be a money maker to make a mac 11 with moving part to scale

there are mac 11 to scale cad files on https://grabcad.com/library?page=1&time=all_time&sort=recent&query=mac%2011

but not sure how to make them in to printable stl files

if you make make them printable and to scale i would buy those models from any of you on cults3d there is no scale modle of a mac 11 with moving
parts anywhere on the internet i think it would be a money maker my skill levle is low when it comes to making or editing stl files

i think scale mac 11 with all the moving parts would be a money maker and

hell i would make a time laps film of it printing on youtube if any of you made the stl to scale
for us

how much would it cost to get a project like this started to make a scale mac 11 with all the moving parts into printable stl files
let me know and i can let the guys from k modles know and i think they will throw some money into the project if your interested

there are about 60 guys on 3 different forms on K-MODLE that want to buy a mac 11 modle

there are about 22 people to 30 people per form looking to buy a mac 11 there is a demand for one




thanks for taking the time to read and let me know

hi can you make a mac 11 modle

SLA RESIN VAT DRAIN STATION was a total waste of money. 1" sch40 pvc US is 33.5mm OD. Your base on this design is too large for typical hobby printers. Can i get a refund?

Hi, I am interested in your SLA RESIN VAT DRAIN STATION. Can you tell me what the dimensions of the largest part are? I just want to be sure I can print them on my Mars 2 Pro with a build area of 129 x 80 x 149 mm. Thanks!

It wont fit

Hi so I printed the key mod & mlok for a client and I went to Home Depot to get the screws and nuts but I was a bit confused on what which nut to get I ended up getting a nut that fit the screws but not the hex pattern in the plastic so if you can provide a link to what screws a nuts I need to put this together that would be great

hi ,
i bought the gopro cap mount but seems like the stl file where to fix the gopro is plain , can you send me the right file please.


Hi, the part is ok, I sometimes add a .4 mm wall on overhang edges I call it "crisp support technique" however if you dont like it, go to your purchases page and download the file again, I uploaded the file without supports. Thanks for downloading!

Hello, My name is Andrea.
I just found your profile, I was wondering if you could modify a project I found online or re-do a new one but only with the dimension I need.
Would that possible for you?
Its a riser for my airsoft replica
Best regards

Excelentes diseños amigo, veo también que te gusta el airsoft, yo soy de Argentina y hago FT de aire comprimido. Saludos.

Hello Sergio!

I wanted to drop you a quick thank you line. I have been looking at your amazing work for quite some time and I finally own a cheap 3D printer that I've very quickly become infatuated with. I play and build airsoft and I plan to purchase each of your works because they are all stellar, top-notch best of the best work. No one else really exudes the presentation, quality and style of your models. I wanted to thank you for your time and hard work man, seriously you deserve to be paid for your time, and I am sorry to hear that people have ruined that for you by stealing, reproducing, reverse engineering your creations. :( Makes me very sad to read my friend.

Is there a place I should be supporting your work other than cults3D? Maybe you have a preferred avenue of payment or something. It won't be for a little bit that I buy your models because I am moving, but I really want to have them all. So let me know what I can do to benefit you best in purchasing the whole airsoft suite.

All the best friend,


Hi, Can I sell the printed product after I buy the STL files? Thanks!

Hola Sergio,

Disculpa la molestia, en tu último vídeo del compensador del glock, que typo de material usastes y a cuánto % tienes el scale.
En PLA a 100% queda muy floja la funda
En PLA a 97% queda con un poco de fricción igual que en el vídeo. Pero a 97% la rail está muy floja para la lámpara.

Hello Sergio,

Compre el nuevo kit de compesatore de glock, pero me ase falter el compensator largo
tengo el 25mm y el 50mm.

bonjour je viens de tomber sur votre page et je tenais à vous dire bravo vos creation son superbe. Des que je commance l'impression je vais acheter plusieur de vos fichiers. A bientot

Hi im very new to 3d printing , ive done a few things already none of them really needed any supports , ive tried to print things with supports buti just don't seem to be getting a hang of it, ive watched countless tutorials but im just not getting it?

do you have any advice what the best software is to use? ive creality but no idea how to get the supports, ive aso used cura which was better but again the supports that I printed weren't very good at all, some didn't support and some where way to thick to take off.

does the darth vader planter need any supports? if so is there any info on the readme files?

hey there i love your work i bought the 3DTAC / MINIMAL AR STOCK i love the consept but could you create that stock with the open look and combind the buffertube attachment and but butt plate please one unit would be better than a 2 peice due to the but stock wiggleing due to only 1 bolt