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got the mount but it's too big for my printer, any way you could cut it into parts?

Bonjour, je trouve que tes modèles outil figue et outil de jardinage ressemble beaucoup trop au miens pour ne pas avoir été copiés. J’aimerai que mon concept reste ma propriété et de ce fait que tu retire tes designs. Merci

hola,me interesa a cuanto lo estas ?

I think this message was lost as it wasn't replied to. PENIS STRETCHER WEIGHT COCK BALL SCROTUM PENIS FIXATION BONDAGE MALE CHASTITY DEVICE BALL HOLDER PSW-17 3D PRINT CNC Anxiously awaiting a reply. Thank you.

I guess what I'm asking is how long/often do I need to wear it to get the 3-5cm gain in length? Your instructions state: "Usually used once a day, every half hour". If it's worn once a day, then it can't be EVERY half hour. Did you mean once a day for a half hour? I don't want to bug you about this, I just want to make sure I'm following the instructions correctly.

When used, the model will help the testicles stretch and hang lower. All specific indicators are individual and depend on the physiological characteristics of a person and are usually determined in consultation with a doctor.

Hallo ich habe zwei Sachen bei dir gekauft, nur leider kann die Datei nicht öffnen. da die Zip-datei zu lang ist und deswegen zeigt er Fehler an .Und daher kann ich sie nicht öffnen.

Um was geht es hierbei? welche modelle?

Hello... I purchased the male chastity clamp. I just want to make sure I understand the instructions. Is it to be worn once a day for 30 minutes TOTAL? (For the whole day.) OR... Is it to be worn 30 minutes on, then 30 minutes off, 30 minutes on, 30 off, and so on (during the duration of the day)?

Thank you so much!


The wearing time is as desired. It's an individual matter.

Hi.. Thanks for responding. I guess what I'm asking is how long/often do I need to wear it to get the 3-5cm gain in length? Your instructions state: "Usually used once a day, every half hour". If it's worn once a day, then it can't be EVERY half hour. Did you mean once a day for a half hour? I don't want to bug you about this, I just want to make sure I'm following the instructions correctly.



Die Zip-Datei ist eine Backup-Datei, wenn Modelle im STL-Format nicht geladen werden. https://www.7-zip.org/


And when I go to unzip the file it says it's invalid, can you please help me out?

The archive files are reserved and contain the same stl files for this model. If you download stl files from the website without problems, then zip files are not needed for your. If you can’t download stl files from the website cults3d, then use any unpacker of archive files, for example 7-Zip for Win64.

Buenos dias, he comprado el archivo del pentaculo y da error al tratar de descargarlo. Podrias solucionarlo? Muchas gracias

What file do you mean??

I would like to order the actual vagina mold for chocolate and cookie making from you. How do I do that?


I purchased the Dildo Mount Box partner in sex dm01 3d print cnc file. When I attempt to slice it in Cura it takes an extremely long time to load. Then once I slice the file and go to preview it, it hangs at 99% It will not completely slice. I deleted the file and downloaded it multiple times to make sure that wasn’t the issue and it happens each time. I know it is not the system or the Cura profiles because I have no issues with any other file I use.


It took me about 3 seconds to slice the full size box into Cura. Check either the settings or the location of the file in the slicer, or the computer's power is not enough for the Cura slicer to work.

Hello, We just get a request from the E-Nable association for your thumb model. Is there any chance to get more information about this model, and how it can be customized (which modeler did you use? Or is it just bout the STL scale?).
Thanks for your answer.

All posted models in this profile are for manufacturing and personal use only and are not permitted for scaling in / or commercial sale. If necessary, any association or commercial production structure can contact and clarify all issues directly.
Thank you for attention

Compatible with watches with diameters: up from 30 mm min to 48 mm max in this size of model (The dimensions are given for use in the manufacture of the model in this casual form.)

The Double Snuffer always prints with two holes on the inside but doesn't appear this way in Cura?
Are the holes meant to be there?

Express your idea more precisely, what is it about?

Is a commercial license available for your dibber tool model ?

Yes, depending on what and in what volume you are going to produce.

Can I see you use it👀

Hola realice una descarga del archivo, pero la parte interior de la boca que actualmente al 100 % tiene 7.5 cm de exterior se debería reducir a 5.5 cm, podrias hacerlo?

lamentablemente no entendí

Hi, I like to request a custom file for the "DOWNSPOUT NOZZLE PARAPET RAINWATER VS01 D100 3D-PRINT OR CNC". I need it scaled to fit a 1-inch PVC pipe. It needs to have a slip socket inlet of 1.315 inches instead of the threaded inlet. I plan on printing with PVC and gluing it to the end of the 1-inch pipe. Can this model be made?

Yes, of course, I can design and make anything. The main question in this is to understand what exactly is at stake.

"1" PVC pipe. It should have a 1.315" splined inlet instead of a threaded inlet." - need any picture so I can understand what is being said.

I understand approximately, but here we cannot show and transmit the picture.

Like this but sized for 1" PVC pipe. It is a slip-on fitting, designed to be glued.


The outer diameter of a 1" PVC pipe is about 33.4mm +/- 0.13mm or about 1.315". So that is how big the inlet opening needs to be.

compre hoy por la mañana tu stl, jamas habia comprado algo tan pero tan malo!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello would I be able to print and sell these with a kit I plan on making for nails.

All copyrights to these hosted models belong to the author.
Models are placed for manufacture and personal use in any quantity and any color, without selling the produced models.

Would I be able to get a commercial license?

The big screw is in the wrong place. So it cannot press but at most pull

So just move the large rotating washer-nut under the fixing bar, and then fix the bar with the fasteners.

Write your mail, I will send a picture

I know what you mean. I tried it but I must thinner the washer-nut because the the nut blocks half of the squeezing room

5 minutes later I will lay out an additional small washer-nut for insertion inside the model files.

look at

thank you, that's perfect

This is plagiarism ... Please respect the work of others and do not copy their ideas.

hi if i bought many files of your can i have special price or discount thanks

Hi I bought the PUSSY CLIT CLAMP "BAD GIRL PRINCESS" and I was wondering if the little part in the flower was supposed to be in the with the rest of the objects or is it not part of it

If I understand correctly, are you writing about the crown? This is just additional decor. Use if desired. Some people just make this piece in different colors to show the mood. In work, the model can be used without it.

sorry for a very late response yes the crown is what im talking about the file for the crown was not in the with the other files

Apologies, while loading the part, the crown file was apparently lost due to another site failure, it is the decoration of the part. The file is zipped into the model. If necessary, write to me by mail and I will send this file by e-mail.

Hi I bought four files off of you last week three of them fail to load for printing can you Please look into why they fail all seemed to download and unzip correctly but as soon as I tried to open them FAIL if you can fix this issue Great if not Please refund the money via Pay Pal
Thank You

All files are loading fine. The archive is made just in case, in the same place you get stl files when you buy. They print great. Write the names of the files that you do not open in Cura?

Have to ask, are you on fetlife at all? If not you should look into it you'd have a blast especially in like the kinky 3d printer group or one of the marketing groups where you could sell these as finished products