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Hello would I be able to print and sell these with a kit I plan on making for nails.

All copyrights to these hosted models belong to the author.
Models are placed for manufacture and personal use in any quantity and any color, without selling the produced models.

Would I be able to get a commercial license?

The big screw is in the wrong place. So it cannot press but at most pull

So just move the large rotating washer-nut under the fixing bar, and then fix the bar with the fasteners.

Write your mail, I will send a picture

I know what you mean. I tried it but I must thinner the washer-nut because the the nut blocks half of the squeezing room

5 minutes later I will lay out an additional small washer-nut for insertion inside the model files.

look at

thank you, that's perfect

This is plagiarism ... Please respect the work of others and do not copy their ideas.

hi if i bought many files of your can i have special price or discount thanks

Hi I bought the PUSSY CLIT CLAMP "BAD GIRL PRINCESS" and I was wondering if the little part in the flower was supposed to be in the with the rest of the objects or is it not part of it

If I understand correctly, are you writing about the crown? This is just additional decor. Use if desired. Some people just make this piece in different colors to show the mood. In work, the model can be used without it.

sorry for a very late response yes the crown is what im talking about the file for the crown was not in the with the other files

Apologies, while loading the part, the crown file was apparently lost due to another site failure, it is the decoration of the part. The file is zipped into the model. If necessary, write to me by mail and I will send this file by e-mail.

Hi I bought four files off of you last week three of them fail to load for printing can you Please look into why they fail all seemed to download and unzip correctly but as soon as I tried to open them FAIL if you can fix this issue Great if not Please refund the money via Pay Pal
Thank You

All files are loading fine. The archive is made just in case, in the same place you get stl files when you buy. They print great. Write the names of the files that you do not open in Cura?

Have to ask, are you on fetlife at all? If not you should look into it you'd have a blast especially in like the kinky 3d printer group or one of the marketing groups where you could sell these as finished products

I bought your "Dildo v25" and printed it last night. Did a vertical orientation as in your picture and without any supports, it came out nice. Just right below the tip it wasn't so great. Could you add a bit of a fillet there? I feel that would help get a cleaner print.

Thank you for the design!

new beveled design is also posted and available on this site


I brought a couple of your snuffers but the the files are corrupt! Cura says they are corrupt. Fusion360 won't let me import them as a mesh, just shows up blank.

Any suggestions.

Hello. This is natural for Fusion 360. It has limitations for objects with a large number of polygons. Either do the correct input with the strap - remesh or use other programs. All models are designed for 3D printing or CNC, not reengineering. The models folder contains files checked by the Cura slicer, you can also see this in the pictures in the folders. After your question, I checked again, everything is perfectly processed not only by the Kura slicer.The result of the check is located in the vts22 model folder - you can easily view it.

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All good mate. Managed to import them into simplify3d and export them out. Not sure what was going on but all good!

All good mate. Managed to import them into simplify3d and export them out. Not sure what was going on but all good!

pls use Iso Din M4x0.7 < 80 mm screws

Hello, unfortunately not, the thread is on the product. In this case, you need to make the size larger, otherwise it will not work. What model are we talking about and what size in diameter do you need? I will make an increased size of the model tomorrow and post it on the site.

The SB05A

The model SB05G is ready and you can find it in profile

Hi, I buy a male shower blower, but after printing them I discovered that is too small 😅, can i scale them whitout ruin the shower attachment?

hi i send you email please read thanks

Such questions are usually asked in private messages.

Do I get a discount if I buy more of your designs ??

Depending on the complexity of the work, like everyone else

What do you charge for making mold for resin?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done by a simple operation of increasing the size. Models with threads do not increase with automatic preservation of thread size. It is necessary to either alter the model to a certain size or edit it.

Hi, bought the shower male masturbator but needs to be bigger. How to i make it so the main part is bigger but thread for shower stays the same?

Apparently, you have incorrectly set the filling parameters, the filling of the model is proceeding with loose packing of the filament threads. Or the temperature does not match the filament used. Most likely, there can be no other reasons.
See the screenshots in the pictures of the model for the use of supports. If they are used, they are checked.

did you use supports on the tarot deck holder. im wondering if thats why the bottom is warped alittle.

Everything shows in the uploaded files of the model directory, I redirected your question to 3dcults

Hello, do you have an email we would be able to contact you at about custom work?