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I was wondering if it’s possible for you to change the lip to more of a shallow running lure? Around the 4-5’ deep mark. Also, is it possible to get a version that is smooth with no scales?

Hi, sorry, but i don't know what lure you talk about?

My apologies! It’s the crank bait fishing lure. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/crankbait-fishing-lure-domi1988.

No problem ;)
I am really sorry to let you down, but i allready tryed different lips and weights, but the version i uploaded is the only one that has a good action. Here you see some prototypes with different lips.

For your other question, there are allredy versions without scales.

Hey can you submit a head that doesn't use a 2nd piece to cover the bb holes. I can do it with a pause at layer height and it will look better.

Sure! do you prefer the hole for the bbs to be closed or to be open (so you can add the bbs after the print and close it with epoxy)?

Can you send me a mail adress? i don´t want to upload another 4 heads to my design, or it gets to complicated for other buyers.

You can close the holes off I can pause the print where needed in the code. Thank you!

muy buenos trabajos hermano, seria opción un molde para fliping jigs o football jigs de 1 onza o 3/4

Thank you!

Was wondering what size hooks your using on the swim baits? Thanks for the awesome file!

Sorry i didn´t answer. I did not get a notification. I use size 2 treble hooks.

Bonjour concernant le fichier whopper plopper v2 . Quel taille faut il pour le swivel ?

Sorry, i don't know. I have a box with different sizes and just test which one fit.

do you make fishing designs that I can make and sell?

do you make fishing designs that I can make and sell?

what size at 65% scale for the Zander walleye stainless eye hooks, stainless steel spring wire, eyes and balls?

M1 screws, 4mm eyes, 1mm wire and 0,45mm air rifle bbs.

i mean 4.5mm bb

Hi sr..
I want to know if you sell this molds that shows i the pictures...
Any info please let me know.. im very interest in buy some of them.

Is it possible to order without the lure lip?? I have my own lure lips that i would use. LG

what lure model do you mean?

Hello wanted to ask if you could share the world's STL file in four files.
So that I can print them larger.
Kind regards

its a litophane, so i cant cut it, sorry

bonjour, je n'arrive pas a imprimé le headbanger, il chute constamant dans le 1er tier, faut-il mettre des support ? et a combien de degré les mettre ? j'ai lancer un print a 15 degré de support sur cura, je verrais bien, mais je sèche un peu

i am sorry, but that sounds like a problem with your printer, not with the model. this lure doesn´t need any support. so you should improve your print settings.

Congrats for your job!!
Did you inserted some bearings inside the knobs?

Thank you! Yes you need to use the bearings from the original knob.

tu gère la fougère

Sorry, but i don´t speek french. And the google translation doesn´t help.

don't worry you are the best

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Hello, good afternoon, a query I wanted to know how many grams is spent more or less on the lures and what printer do you recommend to make these types of lures or fishing things, I am from Argentina in advance, thank you very much.

The plate gets screwed onto the big block. When molding, it creates the lip, that holds the sock on the heatblock. Look at the second picture the right sock. There you can see the lip it creates.

Thanks for making the sock mold available for the A20M.
I printed it but what is the small plate for?
How do I use it?

Thanks for help

Sorry, but i dont understand french, and the google translator does not help.

Salut, d'abord merci pour le partage de tes fichiers, mon frère m'a imprimer le leurre type headbanger, tu dit prévu pour les vis M2 , ou tu les achètes stp ? merci

Bonjour, je viens récemment d'acheter une thinker s et je ne trouve pas et n'arrive pas a télécharger les profils des slicer, Ou est-ce que je pourrais les trouver ?